I will do better next year

Silver Lining at Pawleys Island Original 22″ x 30″ acrylic painting $1350

Wall Art Prints and Prints on other items available with the link


I wonder how many people say that when it comes to organizing information for taxes?

I say that every year but this time it will be different.

I guess I can put that right up there with New Years resolutions that I have never kept so I stopped making them.

Oh well, I have a good start so maybe it will not be so much of a head ache next year. I’ll believe it when tax time comes around next year and I am not groaning.

Could be that I get it together. You never know.

Also be sure to check out my Youtube shorts! I have another one below!

Prints on Zazzle. Here is Richmond on the James on a Ceramic ornament


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