Now that’s a Comment you didn’t hear when I was a Kid…

A lot of people complain that kids don’t get out and play anymore.  Not so in my neighborhood!   They are out there sun up to sun down and chattering a mile a minute.   I just heard one of them say “Well, tell me the IP number and I will tell you all about it!”

Not the chatter I heard when I was a kid but I didn’t grow up with computers. 

They just yelled car!  Glad they are being careful.


blueridgewildflowcopyrightBlue Ridge Wildflowers  Original Painting has been Sold

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I was so sure they were GONE!

Yesterday I didn’t see any ants anywhere!  Then as I was bending over to do my stretches there was one right at my feet.  It look dead but then it waved and crawled away.  Argh!

Today I was so sure they were gone.  I looked all around on the counters and the floor and didn’t see any.  Then when I was doing the dishes I moved a notepad and a whole group of them were chatting away. 

Maybe tomorrow!


backyardbushcopyrightButterfly Bushes   Original   20″x24″ Acrylic Painting    $960              

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I made him Laugh!

My husband cracks me up all the time with his wordplay but I don’t often get a laugh out of him.  Yesterday I did! 

We are going to have to get on I-81 for a trip soon and we both are getting more and more nervous about traveling that road.  It has gotten so congested and one time a deer decided to walk across in heavy traffic!

I told my husband we are just going to have to gird up our loins and go!

This phrase comes from the Bible, where girding up your loins meant to tie up long, loose clothes so that they were more practical when you were working or travelling.lionexplosionbig (1)Lion Explosion  Original 16″x20″ Oil Painting    $670

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, People Art, and Now I can’t find my Shoes


Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

I do not live on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I live near it and so much of my artwork is about this gorgeous mountain region.  I prefer Blue Ridge Parkway Artist to Southwest Virginia Artist so I am going to stick with the slightly inaccurate one.


I have been blogging about so many different aspects of the Blue Ridge Mountains that I thought I would take a break and focus on the other kinds of artwork that I do.  I have never understood what people mean when they talk about artist’s block.  I just wish I had the time to paint all the things I want to paint.  I am never at a loss as to what to paint and I am never bored.  I love what I do and I am determined to get all of it out to the world!

As usual, my main gripe is I wish someone could add more hours to the day!


In addition to mountain paintings I also paint people I know and genre scenes so I will blog some about them.


I come from a family with many artists and musicians and I play the piano every day for my own fun and to keep my fingers going.

A contemporary musician I greatly admire is the internationally acclaimed violinist David Garrett.  The portrait I did of him is my only celebrity portrait.  It is based on a photograph that was taken at a concert in San Diego.  I contacted the woman that took the photograph and she gave me permission to use it.  I contacted David Garrett’s estate and received permission to paint him.


davidgarretsmallDavid Garrett     Kendall F. Kessler


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Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

I spend a lot of time looking for my glasses.  I have to have everything carefully put away or I can’t find a thing.  I usually don’t have trouble finding my shoes but lately I have been leaving them in places that I don’t usually put them so now I am looking for them as well.

My husband has had his glasses on and actually asked co-workers where they were!

We ain’t what we used to be!


I hope you enjoyed my portrait of the great violinist David Garrett by an Artist of the Blue Ridge Parkway!

No, I have not lost Weight…

People have been asking me my whole adult life if I have lost weight.  I am the same weight I was when I got married.  I am not over weight and think I am just right.  The only thing I can figure is I am either losing fat and gaining muscle with all my activities or certain clothes just make me look smaller.  

It isn’t a bad comment but most people say it with so much enthusiasm that it is hard not to take it as a criticism since they seem to think I should glad.

Oh well.   I have always been too sensitive.  It is a problem but I think all that sensitivity contributes to the success of my artwork.  Cheers!


cupflowercopyrightCup of Flowers  Original 8″x10″ Oil Painting         $168

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Well, the House is clean but no Swimming today

My husband keeps a close watch on the weather and there was some warning about weather so severe that I stayed home when I really wanted to swim at The Aquatic Center.  Instead I dusted and vacuumed and got some stains out of our carpet.  Now that was not fun!  Oh well, there is always tomorrow!  Of course the storm didn’t show up.


tulipflowcopyrightFlowing Tulip   Original 24″x18″ Acrylic painting           $884

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Second Stage Done! Yea!

I managed to get the second stage of a Pawleys Island beach painting done yesterday.   I think a lot of people don’t know that most paintings are done in a series of layers going from thin to thick.  It is quite an elaborate process that I couldn’t begin to explain, especially after all these years of developing a style that is unique to me. 


Wildflowers by a Blue Ridge Sunset   Original Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards are available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

As I told my students an artist never gets exactly they they want but if they work hard they will get close.  This one is really close right now!