Kendall Kessler is Back to Work

Well I am not hobbling along today. My back is just about well, and, of course, I am working away. My latest commission is done. I signed it today and am working on getting the right frame for it. It certainly has been a traumatic week so I am not surprised a muscle in my back went ballistic. That almost always happens when I am tense.

I tried to join my Yoga class but as soon as we went to the mat and laid down I knew I was in trouble. Hopefully I can make the next class. Got to keep those muscles stretched out. Anyway, I am looking forward to working on some old paintings that I finally got back from my parent’s property.

My Dad whom I loved dearly was not at all pleased with my desire to study Art and when I graduated with a B.A. he took some of my paintings. I think he thought that was something he got out of my degree that he paid for. Well, it has always bothered me that I didn’t take those paintings with me. So much time has passed and I have always wanted to work on them.

They have a lot of faults that were due to my painting inexperience and lack of time to complete them to my satisfaction. Yes, artists really do go back to old works if they still have them. One is a painting of a model and the other is an abstract. I am sharing three paintings that are somewhat similar and walking away from the computer. Also check out my short Thursday video. Have a great weekend!

Samantha Original Oil Painting SOLD Wall Art Prints and Prints on just about Anything Available at this address

Color Fingers Original 10″ x 8″ Oil Painting

Argh! I can’t seem to get one of these files off so I will just leave Color Fingers up twice.

Blue Streak Original 9″ x 12 acrylic painting $271

Wall Art Prints and prints on just about anything available at the link below

Kendall Kessler is hobbling along

Charlie Chaplin once said when you are in pain, everything else is just fantasy. I am remembering that quote today. A muscle in my back decided to go ballistic and I am slowed down to a crawl which is very hard on a workaholic. Oh well, I took some medicine and hopefully I will be able to get around without wincing. I am just going to post my latest Youtube and a favorite painting. Cheers to everyone!

Eagle Fire Original Oil Painting Sold Wall Art Prints and Prints on just about anything available at this address

Current Commission is coming along

I am just about done with my latest commission and hopefully be sending it to the patron soon! I got off course but now I think it is just about at the finish line.

As I always say, paintings will drive you crazy, if you let them. Even commissions where there is an agreement on how the painting will turn out can still be difficult.

I am going off the grid for a few days due to a trip. I hate working on sites when I am not on my computer. It is always so confusing for a computer challenged person. I am getting better at the new WordPress format but I still have bumps.

So cheers and I hope everyone has a great weekend! Be sure to check out my latest Youtube and here are some painting selections from several sites.

Blue Ridge Evening Light Original Oil Painting SOLD

Wall Art Prints and Prints on just about anything available at the address below

Natural Rhythm Original 40″ x 30″ Oil painting $2430

Sail Boat Sunrise Original 40″ x 30″ Oil painting $2430

Kendall Kessler is Pleased with Progress on Latest Commission

Well, my latest commission is coming along but it has been a little challenging. I sent a first layer file that the patron was very happy with but then I veered off into a slightly different direction. He made it clear that he wanted me to paint a seascape that I would like to have on my wall. He didn’t want me to change the way I paint. That is always great to hear but kind of difficult to follow when painting for someone else. I can’t help but consider the one he purchased and sort of following that one. I am back on path now and pleased with the progress. Check out the first layer below and my latest Youtube.

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Sell Another Print of Huckleberry Line Trail

I thought the old dog was learning new tricks on WordPress today when I lost the whole post. I decided to use the copy feature so I would already have the blocks up and not have to add each one. Well, when I tried to delete the painting so I could put up a different one, the whole post vanished.

Anyway I am pleased to sell another print of Huckleberry Line Trail Pond to a great Virginia patron! This is such a special painting for me. I don’t know if I have mentioned the story behind this painting but I am going to mention it again.

When my husband and I were first married, every Sunday afternoon we walked down Huckleberry Line Trail which was right near our apartment. The trail went to the VA Tech airport and there was a rain pond that we would sit by and just bird watch and listen to the various insects. It was always such a nice outing and the pond is no longer there so I am glad I painted it.

This time I am going to leave the painting up from the last post and add Huckleberry Line Trail Rain Pond and see if I can finish this without getting kicked off. Check out my latest painting demo video, the one from last Thursday,the painting from the last post and Huckleberry Line Trail Rain Pond. After I hit the publish button I am getting away from the computer. It is in danger of being chucked out the window and I don’t want to have to buy a new one.

Silver Lining at Pawleys Island Original 30″ x 22″ Acrylic painting $1350

Wall Art Prints and Prints on computer, clothe and home Items

Huckleberry Line Trail Rain Pond Original Oil Painting SOLD

Wall Art Prints and Prints on computer, clothes, and Home Items

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Plugging Along with the new WordPress Format

Well, here I am again and I think I am gaining on this new WordPress stuff. Maybe one of these days I will stop wanting the old format. Hope so. Anyway, I still haven’t started my new shore painting but that will happen soon. Lots of other things in the way right now.

I hope we can get to the shore in the future but I am still too concerned about this pandemic to think about that right now. Anyway, I added a short video yesterday on one of my oil paintings. I am uploaded twice a week now.

The first one on Monday is a painting demo and the second one is my inspiration for a painting.

Check both out the video and a favorite shore painting below and have a great weekend!

Silver Lining at Pawleys Island Original 30″ x 22″ Acrylic painting $1350

Wall Art Prints and Prints on computer, clothe and home Items

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Begin a New Floral

Well, I am glad to begin a new floral and still having a hard time with the new WordPress format. Maybe it is a problem with my computer, but if I try to copy paste a paragraph from my desk top document, it is turned into sentences here, and if I want to modify it, I have to modify each sentence. So I am just going to put up some short blogs right now and hope I can get better at this. I am pleased that I have developed a sense of humor regarding computer changes and glitches. I used to get so frustrated but now I just go with the flow until the changes sink in. It is always some little thing that is holding me up.

Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

Clyde and I have been puzzling over the news on TV regarding Space flights. The cost right now is $250,000.

Space, the final frontier

Space, the final bank account

I think Clyde is right. I would never go into space regardless of the cost. I don’t even like airplanes.

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Sell Smith Mountain Lake

Well, I am getting better at the WordPress block, but I don’t like it. I have received advice

from a number of people but I really don’t want to take the time to figure that out either.

The advice is different so I think I will just keep plugging along. I am putting this on a

document and then copy paste it on to WordPress. I do want to keep adding Youtubes but

the ones in my last blog were shoved to the right and I don’t think they have to be that way.

Oh well, I am just not that great with computers and I am so busy I don’t want to keep learning

new ways to do things.

Anyway, I am so pleased that my best selling lake painting, Smith

Mountain Lake has a permanent home! This is one of my favorite paintings. It has an inner

glow and a sensuous surface. I love boats and spent a lot of time around and in them when

I was young. Beautiful memories!

Okay. Running into more problems so I think I will quit for today.