Nude Girl Drawings by a Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, and What’s Happening with the Blue Ridge Discovery Center!

Nude Girl Drawings

My Artwork


reachingoutcopyrightReaching Out   Original  24″x18″ Charcoal Drawing       $894

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART


When I was in school I spent many years working from a live model learning anatomy and learning how to draw expressive, artistic, beautiful nudes.  The nude drawing is a very important part of our discipline and, as I have told countless students, anyone can draw the human figure but a true artist gets it right.

Most of these student drawings are thrown out but one of my professors was so impressed with mine that he said I should hang on to them.  I didn’t hang on to the stacks of drawing pads with gestures and contours but I did hang on to a number of the longer poses that I was pleased with.  I am so glad I took his advice since, as I have mentioned before, my best-selling nude, “Reaching Out”, was selected out of over 3 million works of art on Fine Art America to be on the set of The Mindy Project on FoxTV.

The drawing is across from Mindy’s desk and the show has been renewed for a third season.

I have been blogging for some time about the beautiful mountains I live in so I decided to start talking  about my other work.

Here are two more favorite charcoal nude drawings.  I am especially pleased with the natural graceful look in both of these.

kneelingbeauty (1)Kneeling Beauty   Original 24″x18″ Charcoal Drawing      $894

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at     KENDALL KESSLER ART

It is very hard to explain what I accomplish in a work of art, but in this drawing the delicate turn of the head and the figure coming out of smoky marks of charcoal is captivating!  I am very pleased with this drawing!


reclining beautybig (1)Reclining Beauty  Original 18″x24″ Charcoal Drawing     $984

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

In this one the weight of the figure that is pulled down by the pose and the expressive lines make for an intense visual experience!

Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

Here is the latest news on the group my husband works closely with to promote this gorgeous mountain region!


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