Blue Ridge Parkway is Looking for the Funny Side and They leave a Message….

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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I am still griping away about the noise in my ear but I don’t think I will cut if off like Van Gogh did.  Pulsatile tinnitus is aggravating but I can stand a constant noise.

Intermittent noises really get to me- like the robin outside my window that keeps banging against its reflection to chase off the robin in the window.  I guess I am going to have to cover the window so the bird can’t see it. Not right now. Studio time is next.



Smith Mountain Lake  Original  20″ x 16″ Oil  Painting   $670

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Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

Now that I am one of many with Pulsatile Tinnitus that isn’t going away I am looking on the funny side.  I saw a great cartoon about it.

A woman tells her doctor that she has a ringing in her ear.  When she ignores it, it leaves a message.  Clyde added and when she calls the number she just gets a busy signal.

That’s life with a ringing ear.

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Eagle Fire Original Oil Painting   SOLD

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Cloud Swirl over The Peaks of Otter  Original  24″ x 18″ Oil Painting  $864

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More Star City Beauty near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Chasing Tigers in The Blue Ridge

My Art work

foggymillmtcopyrightFoggy View from Mill Mountain   Original painting  Professionally Framed  30″x40″x2″     $2625.00

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Here is another great morning vista from Mill Mountain in Roanoke city which is in the Blue Ridge Mountains and near The beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway.  In this painting I emphasized my brushwork to enhance the visual energy of the scene.  One of my favorite compliments on my work is that it reminds people of the work of Vincent Van Gogh who is one of my favorite artists.  I think both of the paintings in this blog are good examples of his influence.

My favorite compliment is that many people say they want to touch my paintings.  I consider my surfaces to be unique, intense expressions of my feeling for nature so I am not surprised when I hear that response from admirers.

ridgelightcopyrightRidge Light    Original painting has been sold

Prints available on paper or canvas available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Life with the Bird and Word Man  – Clyde Kessler

As I have mentioned before,  my husband is involved with the Blue Ridge Discovery Center which is a wonderful organization that seeks to get people outdoors and enjoy and learn more about the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains.

Today I thought I would share a program called  CHASING TIGERS IN THE BLUE RIDGE

The Blue Ridge harbors so many treasures. In the Central Virginia Blue Ridge exists a phenomenal ecosystem, one that was probably shaped by raging braided mountain streams during the last ice age. It contains many disjunct species. In fact, over 90 species that are well outside their typical range have been documented here. It’s an odd mix of coastal plain, Appalachian and northern plants and animals. While several rare and endangered species exist here, today we focused on a well known Blue Ridge phenomenon: Salamanders.

The Rivanna Chapter of Master Naturalists hosted its annual salamander hike to this part of the Blue Ridge. With a strong group of nearly 30 people, we headed to the George Washington National Forest and into the heart of the 30,000 acre wildlife management area known as Big Levels. While we expected to see several species, the one that had our hearts was the State Endangered Tiger Salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum). It has been documented at this site but rarely has it been seen.


Here is the link to the whole announcement!                CHASING TIGERS IN THE BLUE RIDGE