I Didn’t even do a Rain Dance!

It has been raining steadily since yesterday morning!  So glad to see it!  Cheers!


tugglecopyrightTuggles Gap     Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting      $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, Haunted Bridge, and What am I going to do with the Two Gallons I Ordered?

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist


tugglecopyrightTuggles Gap  Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting       $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART



riverview (1)River View Reflections    Original 30″x 40″ Oil Painting     $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART


blueridgemeadowcopyrightBlue Ridge Meadow    Original Oil Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Helen’s Bridge

Helen’s bridge is located in Beaucatcher mountain in Asheville, North Carolina.  Supposedly a woman hung herself there after losing her daughter in a fire.  Now she wanders around the mountain in a long  dress asking people if they have seen her daughter.  Strange things happen on the bridge.

Many people have reported car trouble on the bridge or right after  crossing it.  Others have reported seeing strange monstrous, dark things coming out of the woods.  Watch out!

I found this ghost story on Ghost Stories of Asheville, North Carolina.

Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

As I have said before, I love to laugh.  I had a hilarious father and am married to a hilarious guy.  Their humor is different but I like both styles!  I remember one day when I was a teenager my father cracked up my mother and me right before he took off for work.

She said she kept him around for laughs!

I miss him very much!

My husband keeps me laughing now and I look for opportunities to come up with some of my own humor.

The other night we were watching TV and there was a commercial about some sort of rejuvenating face mask all over the advertisers face.  Clyde said he was so glad that I didn’t spend time with  goop on my face or cucumbers on my eyes.

I became alarmed and asked him what I was going to do with the two gallons of face mask I ordered?  One for me and one for him!

He wasn’t amused but I thought it was a pretty good quip!


I hope you enjoyed artwork by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway!

More on Tuggles Gap on The Beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway and Radford Roosting Festival

My Art work

neartugglescopyrightNear Tuggles Gap   original oil painting 30″x40″      $2425.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at    Kendall Kessler Art

My husband’s roots are deep in the Appalachian mountains and he has ancestors in Rock Castle Gorge and also in Tuggles Gap.  His  great-great-great-great grandfather Pryor Pendleton married  Mary Tuggles in 1807.

I wanted to post another section of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Tuggles Gap.  The Blue Ridge Parkway has so many gorgeous vistas.  In Near Tuggles Gap I caught a section of the Blue Ridge with two churches across from each other.  I think the structures makes for a great focal point in this paintings.

floydparkcopyright copyPark in Floyd   Original oil painting has been sold

Prints on paper or canvas available at   Kendall Kessler Art

In Park in Floyd I had originally thought of painting the scene without the truck but then I thought it was a great focal point and color accent.  I’m sure the buyer of the painting at a gallery agreed!

Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

I wanted to again mention the Radford Roosting Festival where my Bird man will be leading a bird walk.   No admission charge!

Radford Roosting Festival

RADFORD, VA -The Radford Visitor’s Center will be celebrating the 7th annual Radford Roosting Festival on Saturday, March 29rd in Bisset Park from noon – 3 pm.  Families are welcome and there is no admission charge.

This year’s festival will include live birds, educational birding stations, a photo contest and children’s activities.

There are three scheduled presentations that are sure to be of interest to attendees.

Scheduled presentations are:

12:00 p.m.-Jason Davis/SELU

‘Flying family dynamics: Bluebirds, parenting and stress’

  1:00 p.m.- Sarah Foltz

‘Town & country: How to be an urban bird’

  2:00 p.m.-Jessica Zielske/The Mountain Lake Conservancy

‘Avifauna & geology of Mountain Lake’

Also scheduled is a not-to-be-missed bird walk prior to the festival with Clyde Kessler, local bird expert with Radbird, an outfitter and touring company that specializes in interacting with local birds. The walk sets off at 9 a.m. from the Radford Public Library, 30 West Main St.