Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, Haunted School, and They Look so Different!

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist




Tea Time  Original 12″x16″ Oil Painting    $384

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applecopyrightApple          Original Colored Pencil Drawing  NFS

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Haunted School near Asheville, North Carolina

In the 1970’s The Clyde Irwin High School was built just outside Asheville, North Carolina. What was left of the Old County Home Graveyard was dug up to make room for the school.  The remains from the Potter’s Field were moved across the street and buried under wooden crosses.  The spirits must not have liked the move as there are strange goings on since the transfer. Janitors that work the night shift at the school refuse to relate the strange incidents they witness!

Unmarked graves are said to still be beneath the Potters Field overlooking the School.

I found this ghost story on Local Ghost Stories of Asheville, North Carolina website! Great website!

Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

We continue to battle the big black ants and the small ones.  I guess they don’t like each other because the big black ones stay on the slips of paper in one part of the the counter and the small ones are in another section.  I guess they are worried about fist fights.

Anyway, when we first put out the slips of paper with the poison they  all sat around in a perfect circle, laughing and shooting the breeze.   Now there aren’t any perfect circles – just partial arcs and I have seen some ants look like they are about to fall of the paper on the ledges.  Could it be they are drunk with all that glucose and can’t find their way back to the nest?

Still, I don’t see them waltzing through the shelves and getting into the food supply so I can’t really complain that much, but I like writing about them!

I hope you enjoyed paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway!