Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, The Biltmore Ghost ,and My Latest Shore Scene!

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

I am very pleased to present the first of my latest shore scenes from beautiful Pawleys Island!  I love the shore and we get there once a year.  South Carolina has great beach resorts but my favorite is Pawleys Island.  One of my best-selling prints, Marsh View at Pawleys Island, is one of my favorite paintings!

Pawleys Island Sunrise on the Sand is a sumptuous look at how the light reflects off the wet sand.  In this sunrise there is more morning light on the sand than the water, hence the title.


pawleyssunrisesandcopyrightPawleys Island Sunrise on the Sand    Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting      $2430

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART


breakerspicopyrightBreakers at Pawleys Island   Original Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

The Biltmore Ghost

The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina was home to  George Washington Vanderbilt who was one of the heirs to the Vanderbilt industrial fortune. He was born into a mountain of money and never had to work a day in his life.

When he was  26 he traveled to Asheville with his mother and loved the area so much that he purchased 126,000 acres and built a fabulous vacation home there The house is so big that one could sleep in a different bed room each night and not sleep in one twice for a year!

George was an avid collector of books, art, and artifacts and had a huge library.  He and his wife had lavish parties and he usually had to be called out of the library to greet guests.

When he died in 1914 the estate passed through his daughter to his grand sons.  They decided to open the house to the public.  It is the largest privately owned home in America and the setting for a number of successful movies including Being There, starring Peter Sellers.

Today there are reports of ghosts on the premises. George is said to be seen in the library where he often retreated during storms.  His wife’s voice has been heard asking him to join his guests.  The parties seem to still be going on. People sometimes hear laughter and loud voices at the pool which is no longer in use.


I got this ghost story from Stories from The Mountains online publication


Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

Yesterday I listed books on Appalachia that The Blue Ridge Discovery Center suggests for great reading about this gorgeous area of the world!   I forgot to mention A Natural Sense of Wonder by  Rick Van Noy includes a chapter on Clyde.     Rick Van Noy is very impressed with the naturalist work my husband does and we were pleased he included him in his book!

Here is the list again!

For the Blue Ridge:

  • Hollows, Peepers, and Highlanders – An Appalachian Mountain Ecology, George Constantz 
  • A Fly Fisherman’s Blue Ridge, Christopher Camuto

Other must reads:

  • A Songbird Journeys – Four Seasons in the Lives of Migratory Birds, Miyoko Chu
  • The Trees in My Forest, Bernd Heinrich
  • Winter World, Bernd Heinrich
  • The Beak of the Finch, Jonathan Weiner 
  • Home Ground – Language for an American Landscape, Barry Lopez, Debra Gwartney
  • A Natural Sense of Wonder, Rick Van Noy

I hope you enjoyed my paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway


Those Clouds don’t Fool Me!

I have worked hard at getting stuff done this morning and will have more stuff to do tonight, but I am getting to the lake today!  Yes, there are clouds but the weather is going to be great!  I’ll swim in the rain if I have to.  They only take people out when there is thunder.


pawleyswaterwaycopyrightNear Pawleys Island  Original  11″x14 Oil Painting       $313

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

So Glad to see Rain!

Yes, the rain does interfere with my swimming time but we are so dry here!  Glad to see buckets of rain come down!


beachhousepawleycopyrightBeach Houses at Pawleys Island    Original Oil Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards  Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Okay, so I didn’t get to the Lake today but I will tomorrow!

It was so cool this morning that I decided not to go to the lake.  It finally got hot around 2:00 so I am sorry I didn’t go.  I won’t be fooled tomorrow!  Got to swim!

islepalmscopyrightSunset at Isle of Palms   Original 30″x40″  Oil Painting    $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Almost Ready to get Back to Oil Paint!

pawleyswaterwaycopyrightNear Pawleys Island   Original 11″x14″ Oil Painting     $313

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART


A canvas is drying and I will be back to painting large shore oil paintings soon!  I have had a great time working in acrylics on my Kendall Expressions series but I am excited about getting back to my main love!

Cherokee Animal Legends and Vacuum Tales in Radford near The Blue Ridge Parkway


My Artwork


bueridgemistcopyrightBlue Ridge Mist    Original 12″x16″  Oil Painting     $384

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

LiatrisflowersLiatris Flowers at Doughton Park    Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting  $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at KENDALL KESSLER ART


pawleyswaterwaycopyrightNear Pawleys Island    Original 11″x14″ Oil Painting     $313

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART


I still have Pawleys Island on my mind!  After I do some more shore scenes I will be getting back to large Blue Ridge Vistas!


I have put up a number of blogs on the Cherokee Native American legends about the Black Bear in The Blue Ridge Mountains and today I came across some other legends regarding other animals!  Interesting stuff!

Cherokee Animal Legends

The primeval animals are thought to have been larger and stronger than their present day descendants.

The rabbit is the most prominent animal in their myths.   It is a trickster and considered to be malicious.  It is often beaten at its own game by those it intends to victimize.  Ball players are forbidden to eat rabbits when they are in training because this animal seems to be so confused when it runs.

The meat of the common grey squirrel is forbidden to rheumatic patients because of the cramped position it assumes while eating.

The deer won its horns in a successful race with the rabbit.

The wolf is revered as a hunter and Cherokees abstain from killing it if they can avoid it.  They believe a relative of the slain wolf will seek out the hunter and kill him.

The odor of the skunk is believed to keep off contagious diseases.


I found this information on the online publication, First People , The Legends


Life with The Word and Bird Man- Clyde Kessler

Over the years my husband and I have had a lot of trouble with vacuum cleaners.  I try to be very careful not to pick up anything that will break it but I seem to manage to break them anyway.  Either that, or they just break to spite me.

I am practically putting my head to the rug to check for objects since we bought a new one a while back.  It is under warranty and I have the box and everything in it.  This one will be replaced if something goes wrong.

The other day I was vacuuming our bedroom and my husband was standing nearby.

I said I checked and I didn’t see any stupid thing  on the floor.

He said he was standing on the rug but he didn’t think that would be a problem.  I didn’t mean him!  He is always there with a word quip!  Keeps me laughing!

Glad to meet one of my many Patrons!

beachpawlyhcopyrightBeach Houses at Pawleys Island    Original Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

I was so pleased to meet one of my patrons at Pawleys Island.  I have work in 24 states, Canada, Germany, Australia and Russia so it was great to meet one of my long distance patrons!  The couple that bought this painting live in Maryland but they vacation at Pawleys Island.   Fortunately our beach times crossed.  They were coming in right as we were getting ready to leave.  We had a great chat!

Salem Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Mount Rogers 40th Naturalist Rally is Tomorrow!

My Artwork


islepalmscopyrightIsle of Palms Sunset     Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting      $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

This is where my head is at right now!  Looking forward to our South Carolina shore visit!



Fast Water Wildwood Park    Original Oil Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART


Beautiful view of Radford Virginia’s popular park!


Today I came across a very interesting ghost story written by “an old man” according to the writer.  It is intriguing to me that the author has a theory that perhaps we see these things when we are young and more perceptive to what is around us. He has not had a supernatural experience since this story.

As I have mentioned before, I am a skeptical person but I have had four strange events in my life that I cannot explain.  Interestingly enough, the latest one was a few months ago and I am not young by most people’s estimation of what young is.


Lunch Bucket Man

The writer’s story happened when he was a student.  He was traveling home to Roanoke via Rt. 81 via Wildwood Road.  Supposedly the Wildwood Inn has quite a spooky reputation. The Inn was closed and he was pretty much the only car on the road.

As he approached the ramp to Wildwood Road he saw a tall thin man holding a lunch bucket, not a pail, but a bucket.  The writer said he had seen that type of bucket carried by coal miners.  When the car lights passed over the man there was no shadow.  He didn’t move or change expression.

He seemed to vanish and the writer tried hard to figure out what had happened but could not come up with a logical explanation.  He has not had a similar experience.  This was in the early 1980’s.

I found this story on Ghost of America online.


Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

The Mount Rogers 40th Naturalist Rally is tomorrow!  I wanted to be sure to alert everyone again to this great event!

The 40th Annual Mount Rogers Naturalist Rally

This BRDC signature event highlights the crown jewel of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Southwest Virginia.  The Mount Rogers area, which includes Virginia’s three tallest peaks, has long fascinated scholars and explorers.  Not only is there a wide variation in altitude, there are many different ecosystems and mini-ecosystems within a short drive or hike of each other.

The 2014 Rally will be May 9 & 10.

Friday Night Speaker –  Nancy Lee Adamson PhD, Pollinator Conservation Specialist – East Region, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. An Introduction to Native Bees and Other “Beneficial” Arthropods of the Mid-Atlantic – learn about common native bees we can support by protecting and planting pollinator habitat. The program will highlight nesting habits of some of the 500 species of native bees in Virginia, as well as other pollinators, predators, and parasitoids that benefit from pollinator habitat.

Friday night entertainment – Ronald and Ellie Kirby will be bringing in the evening with some traditional old time tunes.

DOOR PRIZE! – David Richert has offered a free afternoon consultation on forest management as the friday night door prize.