Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is still waiting for a shot and Don’t add sea weed…

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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Yea! Clyde got his vaccine shot today!  I am still waiting on an opening but I am hopeful it will be soon and I am so excited about my latest landscape. 

The light is not right now but I will get to it tomorrow.  I can’t explain why I am so happy with it.  It isn’t finished so it could take another nose dive off a studio cliff but I don’t think that will happen. Love to paint!  Live to paint!

Cheers on a cold Tuesday!  Please check out my latest video above. This one is on watercolor technique.

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Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

We don’t eat a lot of sausage since it has so much fat in it.  I couldn’t find the kind I usually get for spaghetti so I got some turkey sausage.  I thought it would be nice to try it out. Well, as I was cooking it I went down the hall to give a comment on it to Clyde.

Guess what this sausage needs? 


You read my mind.  There are bumpy things in the sauce but I just taste sauce.  Oh well, it is better for you than pork sausage. 

So is sea weed but I don’t want that in my spaghetti. 

Understood.  No more turkey sausage.

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