Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Sell More Blue Ridge Painting Prints and No White House for You…

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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Well, once again I have been crowned.  Yuck.  Now I have three crowns and the Insurance Company still wants to insist I got them for cosmetic reasons.  Yeah, I want people to see gold teeth when I smile rather than the natural color.  It was either get a crown or lose the tooth.  I think they should fess up and pay for part of that so-called cosmetic procedure.  I had to pay $1086.00.  No insurance coverage at all.

Anyway, glad to sell more Blue Ridge painting prints to mountain dwellers like myself!  A great NC patron bought prints of Blue Ridge Autumn and The Smoky Mountains!  A NC patron owns Blue Ridge Autumn and a NY patron owns The Smoky Mountains but wall art prints and prints on just about anything are available!  Check out the possibilities by clicking on the link under the paintings! 

I need to update the files.  These are old files so be sure to click on the links to see accurate files of the paintings!



Blue Ridge Autumn   Original Oil painting SOLD

Prints on Wall Art, Household items, and Clothes available by clicking on the link below.

The Smoky Mountains Original  Oil Painting SOLD

Prints on Wall Art, Household items, and Clothes available by clicking on the link below.


Porter Mountain in Fall  Original 14″ x 11″ Oil Painting     $313

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Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

A little dark humor this time.

I was joking with Clyde about the next election and told him he would make a great president.

No, but if elected I would make History.

How’s that?

I would be the first president to assassinate himself.

Okay, no white house for you unless we paint this one.  Don’t think that will happen. I like the brown.




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Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

Prints on Paper, Canvas, Metal, and Greeting Cards Available at  KENDALL KESSLER ART

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Special Promotion on Monarch on Red ends on Tuesday!


Monarch on Red   Original 22″ x 14″ Oil painting   $646


Prints on Wall Art, Household items, and Clothes available by clicking on the link below.

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