One more painting of Roanoke near The Blue Ridge Parkway and I can’t even find it…

My Artwork

campbellavecopyrightCampbell Avenue       Original Painting has been sold

Prints on paper or canvas available at     KENDALL KESSLER ART

Here is one more of my paintings of beautiful Roanoke, VA before I move on to other great places in Southwest Virginia.  This one is a great celebration of the beautiful pear trees that adorn Campbell Avenue.

I always include my phone number on the back of my paintings and was very pleased when the buyer called me to tell me how thrilled she was with the painting.  She hung it in her office.  I have seen her a number of times since then and she always tells me how much she loves it!

bluegreenascadescopyrightNear the Cascades     Original hand colored lithograph proof has been sold

I have other versions of this lithograph that are available on my website

Prints on paper or canvas available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Computer Challenged

I am getting a lot of likes on my About page which is much appreciated but when I go to look at the people I follow I have a hard time finding the About page.   So, please be patient with me.  I didn’t grow up with computers and they baffle me at times.

Life with the Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

My husband and I are noticing signs of aging that we don’t like.  I’m sure no one likes the memory problems and general ditziness that we all get if we don’t die young.

The other day I looked up Alzheimer’s symptoms to make sure I am not developing that disease.  I found a list of symptoms of aging with two rows.  The first one was Alzheimer’s and the second row was age.  All of my symptoms are found in the second list.  Yea!!!

Yesterday I said to my husband I just can’t cut the mustard anymore.  He said he couldn’t even find the mustard!

Radford Roosting Festival

The festival is tomorrow so I wanted to print the information one more time!

Radford Roosting Festival

RADFORD, VA -The Radford Visitor’s Center will be celebrating the 7th annual Radford Roosting Festival on Saturday, March 29rd in Bisset Park from noon – 3 pm.  Families are welcome and there is no admission charge.

This year’s festival will include live birds, educational birding stations, a photo contest and children’s activities.

There are three scheduled presentations that are sure to be of interest to attendees.

Scheduled presentations are:

12:00 p.m.-Jason Davis/SELU

‘Flying family dynamics: Bluebirds, parenting and stress’

  1:00 p.m.- Sarah Foltz

‘Town & country: How to be an urban bird’

  2:00 p.m.-Jessica Zielske/The Mountain Lake Conservancy

‘Avifauna & geology of Mountain Lake’

Also scheduled is a not-to-be-missed bird walk prior to the festival with Clyde Kessler, local bird expert with Radbird, an outfitter and touring company that specializes in interacting with local birds. The walk sets off at 9 a.m. from the Radford Public Library, 30 West Main St.