Nude Girl Drawing by a Blue Ridge Parkway Artist and I can’t Believe it!

Nude Girl Drawing by Kendall Kessler


This will be the last of my black and white nude drawings that I will post.  At least, I think this is the last one in my Beautiful Nudes Folder.

This one reminds me of The Thinker by August Rodin but it wasn’t what I was thinking when I drew the model.  I love the wonderful, expressive lines in ink drawings and am very proud of the intricate passages in this etching!

Next, I am going to post some color nude drawings I did from some of my favorite black and white drawings!

thinkingnude (1)Leaning into The Day    Original Black and White Etching     $180

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You Tube Videos

Here is another one of my You Tube Videos!  I hope you like it!


Okay, I followed exactly the same procedure when I put up the last videos and they showed up so you could see them without clicking the code.  Go figure!

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Life with the Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler


Another Ant Saga.  This is exactly what happened.  I am not making this up or changing the story in any way.

It looked as if we were finally rid of the ants for this season.

When they are here I take foods that they can easily get in or crawl on and put them on the table.  My husband explained to me that ants do not climb up table legs.  They prefer to stay along ledges.  So I had his rice muffins on the table and thought I could finally put them on the counter.

Later that day I saw one ant make a bee line for the muffins!  Just one!  I looked everywhere in the kitchen for more but there weren’t any!  I gave that ant a dirty look and moved the muffins back to the table and it will be a long time before I move things back again!

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you enjoyed the Nude Girl Drawing!