I can’t Believe I am looking up Directions for a Meat Thermometer

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For umpteen years we have gone to my husband’s home for Thanksgiving, but for some reason my mother-in-law wants us to celebrate on Sunday this year.  Well, that was not good enough for my son so we are having two Thanksgiving dinners .


I hardly ever roast meat in the oven that takes a long time.  I taught for many years and just didn’t have the time for that.  My husband and I were concerned that a meat thermometer would be harmed if it were in the oven too long.  Shows how much we know.  I looked it up.  No problem. 

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Flower Life   Original    Oil Painting   has been Sold

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Cheers everyone and have a great Thanksgiving Day!

Here Comes the Sun!!!

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I don’t mind cloudy days but I would prefer sunny ones.  So glad the sun is coming out.  It was a rather gloomy morning and the light was not what I like to have when I paint.  Cheers!


flowg (1)Radford Flower Garden   Original  11″ x 14″ Oil Painting   $313

Prints on Paper, Canvas, or Metal and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART