Cherokee Origin of Game and Corn near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Pasta Buster…

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I am still finding great Blue Ridge myths and legends of the Cherokee people!   Such wonderful, magical stories!  I was pleased that my husband was not familiar with the one I posted yesterday about the chickadee!  I actually taught The Bird Man something! 



The Origin of Game and Corn

Long ago shortly after the world was made there lived a hunter and his family on Looking Glass Mountain in North Carolina.  The Blue Ridge Parkway can be seen from Looking Glass Rock.  They had one son named Good boy. His brother came out of the water where the first boy played.  They kept him and named him Wild Boy.  They knew he had magic powers.  The father always brought home much game for the family.  They always had enough to eat.

One day Wild Boy transformed himself into a puff of bird down on the father’s shoulder  and followed him to a rock.  The father moved the rock and  deer came out and he killed one to bring home.

The next day the boys went to the rock and got game but forgot to put the rock back.  The father punished them and told them now they would have to hunt for game.

The hungry boys went home and asked their mother for something to eat and she went to the storeroom for corn.  The boys watched her rub her belly to fill a pot with corn and rub her legs to fill one with beans.

They decided she was a witch and she told them that when she died they were to clear the land around the home and they would always have corn.  They didn’t follow her instructions carefully so that is why corn does not grow in all parts of the world.

I found this story on the online publication, Native Languages of the Americas: Tsalagi/Cherokee Legends, Myths, and Stories

Life with the Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

As I mentioned before my husband is not able to eat many things most people have no problem with.  The tomato  is one of them but he can eat a small portion if it is cooked such as in spaghetti sauce.  I think I am becoming somewhat sensitive to tomatoes and now after spaghetti I feel like I am going to pop!

I told Clyde we needed to go on a Pasta Buster walk and he said that sounds like a rock song.  “Get outside and bust that pasta before they have to roll you out the door!”  Get outside and bust that pasta!  You know you don’t need anymore!

I know the lyrics aren’t much so far but maybe we will come up with more the next spaghetti night.