Blue Ridge Mountain Folk Tale near The Blue Ridge Parkway and More Mountain Happenings!

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Preacher Tale

I’m sure there are more ghost stories out there but I am going to look into other legends of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  There are a lot of wonderful folk tales about famous people and about regular people attempting to better understand their mountain life.

A lot of them are humorous.  I especially like this Preacher Tale that I got from Blue Ridge Folklife by Ted Olson.

It seems there was a church that was separated from the people by a patch of woods.  There was a road that went around the woods to the church and there was a path through the woods that went directly to the church.

The pastor and a deacon were having supper at the deacon’s house and were getting ready to go to church for an evening service.

The deacon remarked that the woods were full of bears so he was going to take the road.  The pastor said the Lord would protect his people that do His will, which is what they had been preaching all week.

He finally showed up at the church all torn up and got up to the pulpit and told the congregation that the Lord will protect you if you are doing His will but he ain’t worth a damn in a bear fight.

Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

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