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So pleased to find a great home for one of my personal favorites, Tulip Burst.  I mailed it yesterday after taking a few more files of it.  Really sorry to see that one go, but, as I say all the time, I can’t take them with me. I decided to leave a file of it here again with the link for prints.  I can’t explain why I think this is such a strong painting but it has to do with a quality that I strive to achieve in all my work. 

When I was working for my MFA a professor said to me that a critic once said great artwork has a sensuous surface.  Pretty sure I  mentioned this before but it bears repeating.  I always think of this when I paint and I think this surface is especially sensuous.  

As I was going over my mailing list I thought I had better check out a great Virginia patron that bought three of my large paintings and hired me for a commission. I didn’t know her age but she was certainly over forty.  Her husband was a Forestry professor and they both were great people. 

I checked the obituaries and saw that she and her husband had passed away.  I know she had children and I hope my paintings will go to them.  Artwork gets passed around but as long as it is some where it can be seen that is enough for me. 

Be sure to check out this weeks video above and the Safe Grocery Shopping one below if you haven’t seen it. This pandemic is far from over.



Tulip Burst   Original  Oil  Painting  SOLD

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Lily Glow  Original 24″ x 18″ oil pastel painting $884.00


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Life with The Word and Bird Man, Clyde Kessler

I cannot believe how fast time is going now. It seems like Monday goes into Friday with the snap of my fingers.  Clyde is also amazed at how quickly the days go by.  I told him I didn’t just want to seize the day.  I want to clobber it into submission and tell it to sit still for a few minutes! 


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Sweet Pea MorningOriginal 24″ x 18″   oil painting  $899


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Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

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