Well, the House is clean but no Swimming today

My husband keeps a close watch on the weather and there was some warning about weather so severe that I stayed home when I really wanted to swim at The Aquatic Center.  Instead I dusted and vacuumed and got some stains out of our carpet.  Now that was not fun!  Oh well, there is always tomorrow!  Of course the storm didn’t show up.


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I Can’t Believe it! None of us got to the Lake yesterday!

We were all excited about going to the Lake yesterday but when my husband came home from work we all decided we were too tired!  We are now shooting for Monday!


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Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, First People Legends, and Next Blue Ridge Discovery Center Event!

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist


Color Ripples on The Blue Ridge  Original Painting has been sold

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This painting has been stumbling on Stumbleupon.com for a week now!  Check it out!


Snail Kite  Original 9″x11″  Mixed Media Drawing     $208

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I am finding more interesting myths and legends from the first people of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I especially like the stories about their interpretations of nature!

Cherokee Animal Legends

The Cherokees believe the sun was a woman that lived in the east and the moon was her brother that lived in the west. The Redbird was the daughter of the sun and eclipses were from a giant frog that lived in the sky and tried to swallow people.  The lightening and the rainbow were the dress of the sons of thunder that lived in the west above the sky vault.

There are several stories about stars.  One is that a dog stole some corn meal and was whipped.  The dog ran across the sky to the north and sprayed the corn across the sky which created The Milky Way.

The buzzard is an important animal in their mythology.  He made the mountains and valleys with his wings and is considered to be a doctor!  That certainly is a different view of this bird than the one many people have today.  Unfortunately many people  consider the vulture to be a pest and a lot of locales work hard to drive them off which is a big ecological mistake.

I found these legends on Cherokee Myths and Legends by Lowell Kirk online.

More tomorrow!

Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler


I wanted to be sure to announce the next great Blue Ridge Discovery Center Event coming up soon!


Mexican Restaurant in Independence, Va
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For the next gathering I thought we’d meet around 5:00, June 19th at the Mexican restaurant in Independence. Please join us! Contact Eva Floyd with questions ecbaird@gmail.com 276.579.2464 The Beak of the Finch by Jonathan Weiner On a desert island in the heart of the Galapagos archipelago, where Darwin received his first inklings of the theory of evolution, two scientists, Peter and Rosemary Grant, have spent twenty years proving that Darwin did not know the strength of his own theory. For among the finches of Daphne Major, natural selection is neither rare nor slow: it is taking place by the hour, and we can watch. In this dramatic story of groundbreaking scientific research, Jonathan Weiner follows these scientists as they watch Darwin’s finches and come up with a new understanding of life itself. The Beak of the Finch is an elegantly written and compelling masterpiece of theory and explication in the tradition of Stephen Jay Gould.

Thank you for looking at paintings by an artist of the Blue Ridge Parkway

More Cherokee Animal Legends of the Blue Ridge Mountains near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Blue Ridge Discovery Happening is Tomorrow!

My Artwork

For the last few days I have been blogging about Cherokee Animal Myths and Legends so I thought it would be a good idea to post some of my animal paintings from my folder Kendall Expressions.  In these paintings I have let my expressive side take over!

Here is the link to this folder on my website      Kendall Expressions

bearbeautyhcbig (2)Bear Beauty   Original 16″x20″ Acrylic painting      $670

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antlersbig (1)Antler Swirl    Original 20″x16″ Acrylic Painting     $670

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galoppingredhcbig (1)Galloping Red   Original 16″x20″ Acrylic Painting      $670

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Yesterday I blogged about some of the Cherokee animal legends and thought it would be a good idea to add some more!    I like to learn!


Cherokee Animal Legends

Yesterday I wrote about the skunk legend.  The Cherokees believe the smell is a deterrent to disease.  There is more to it.  During the small pox epidemic of 1866 the animal was hung up and sometimes it was cooked and eaten.  The oil was rubbed on the sick person’s body because they believed the smell would repel the disease spirit.

The beaver is invoked when children are getting their permanent teeth since it has amazing gnawing ability.  When  children lose a tooth they run with it around the house four times and ask the beaver to put a new tooth in their jaw.

The dog does not appear much in their myths but some say it is responsible for the Milky Way. Another myth says the dog drives the wolf from the home and takes the comfortable place by the fire for himself.

The elephant which some Cherokees saw in shows is called The Great Butterfly because of its large flapping ears and long trunk which resemble the wings and proboscis of the insect.

I got this information from the online publication  First People The Legends


Life with The Bird and Word Man  –  Clyde Kessler

I wanted to again remind folks of the next Blue Ridge Discovery Center event this Friday!


BRDC at Independence Farmers Market
Fri, June 6, 9:30am – 12:30pm
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More kid events.

Rhododendron on Black Rock Hill on The Blue Ridge Parkway and Clyde Kessler’s Poem Accepted into an Anthology

My Artwork

I love flowers, especially wildflowers.  I am always amazed by the rhythm I see in natural settings which is why one of my paintings of wildflowers is called Natural Rhythm.  The colors seem to connect in beautiful patterns and form wonderful shapes and color accents in their surroundings.

This painting of Rhododendron at Black Rock Hill is a great example.  The flowing motion of this patch is beautifully accented by the surrounding trees and the colors sparkle.

I haven’t done a painting of the Blue Ridge Mountains from this overlook but I am sure I will in the future.  I never tire of painting this wonderful region of Virginia.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else and I am sure the Bird Man will continue to show me enchanting surroundings.

rhodoblackrockhillcopyrightRhododendron at Black Rock Hill      $2425.00

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Here are two more Blue Ridge Wildflower paintings.  Be sure to check out my floral folder on my website!  KENDALL KESSLER FLORALS  

brjewelscopyrightBlue Ridge Jewels   Original painting has been sold

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wildflowbrsunsetcopyrightWildflowers by a Blue Ridge Sunset    Original painting has been sold

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Life with the Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

 My husband recently found out that the poem he just had accepted in Contemporary Haibun Online has also been accepted in an Anthology. This is the ninth poem he has published in this magazine and now an anthology!

Fiddling in January is a special kind of poem.  A haibun seems more like prose to the average reader and is called prosimetric.  I  will post it on the next blog.

My Artwork on Just About Anything

In addition to originals and prints I have my work on Zazzle where patrons can get my paintings on computer, kitchen, and office accessories, clothing, and even toys!

The other day someone in Texas bought a bumper sticker with my painting, “Blue Tiger”, on it!  Fun to think of my painting on the back of a car!

Here is the link!  NEW RIVER ARTIST ON ZAZZLEtigerstaremedcopyrightTiger Stare  20×16 acrylic on canvas            $670.00


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