Evenings at Rock Castle Gorge on The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Chocolate Run

My Artwork

I will be taking a break from writing about Rock Castle Gorge and Rocky Knob to show off other beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway Vistas but I still have quite a number of paintings from this site so here I go again!

eveglowrockcastlecopyrightjpgEvening Glow at Rock Castle Gorge  30″x40″   original painting – $2425.00

Print on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

I have always been drawn to evening scenes.  I doubt you will find many people that don’t like sunsets or sunrises.  I am no exception but I especially like the look of the sky after the sun has gone down and the pink hues tend to predominate the sky.

I will never forget one patron that was very happy with the painting she bought of Mountain Lake in Giles County but decided against one of my New River scenes because there was pink in the sky.  She said she had always seen the orange and purple in the sky but not pink.

She died a number of years ago and whenever I see pink in the sky I think of her.

rockyknobevecopyrightRocky Knob Evening

Original painting has been sold

Prints on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

pathrockykcopyrightPath to Rock Castle Gorge in The Evening

Original painting  30″x40″ $2425.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

Life with The Word and Bird Man

My husband, Clyde,  has no problem with cold weather.  He will get up in the middle of the night to check out owl populations for the Audubon Christmas bird counts no matter how cold it is.

After the storm yesterday we were joking around about how he was considering getting out the dog sled to get to the store because I was seriously low on chocolate.

Well, he didn’t get out the sled but he did walk to a nearby store to get a nice lunch and, of course, some chocolate for me!  He really is a nice guy!

More Rock Castle Gorge on The Beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway and It is all in the Light…

My Art Work

dirtroadrockcastlecopyrightDirt Road Near Rock Castle Gorge

Pastel on paper  17″x23″  Original – $782.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

I have so many paintings from Rock Castle Gorge that I think I will be blogging about this gorgeous Blue Ridge Parkway attraction for a while.  Hikers especially love the trails at this site and my husband has actually walked as much as eight miles off the trail up and down the mountain to get photographs of butterflies.

His photographer, Bruce Grimes, has to carry heavy equipment to get good photographs and he often has to lie down on his stomach to get the shot.  I have always admired photographers!  Good photography is quite an art and a job!

roadrockykcopyrightRoad to Rocky Knob oil on canvas  8″x10″

Original painting has been sold

Prints on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

The actual trail is a loop that is  just short of 11 miles long.

I am especially fond of this oil painting of a road that leads to Rocky Knob.  It is quite an expressive work!

There are so many interesting trails around this area and the wildflowers in season are stunning!

When I was in school I had a teacher that was fond of country and mountain scenes and he remarked to me one time that He especially liked the kind of yellow/white grass seen along the dirt road in the painting at the top.

Most artists have a main medium and a secondary medium.  My main medium is oil paint but my secondary medium is pastels.

I am especially proud of my American Artist Award for “Near Smithfield Plantation”from famed pastelist Daniel Greene.

Life with the Bird and Word Man

  • People often don’t like their photograph and with good reason!  The lens is curved and the resulting parallax can make for a picture that looks how a person looks in a curved piece of metal.  No one wants that!
  • I pride myself that I can work around the parallax but I have been having a hard time lately with my digital camera.  I think the old 35mm cameras had less perspective distortion.

Anyway, I finally got a decent picture of my husband for the publication The Writing Disorder which will feature his poems this Spring.  The tenebristic light made all the difference!

clyde2014Clyde Kessler

Rocky Knob on The Blue Ridge Parkway and I Just don’t Understand it…

My Artwork

rockyknobcopyrightRocky Knob in Fall    30″x40 oil

Original Painting has been sold

Prints on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

My husband’s favorite perch is Rocky Knob which overlooks Rock Castle Gorge on The Blue Ridge Parkway.  It is called Rocky Knob because the field is full of rocks. When my son was young he and a friend would run down the field to one of the larger rocks to play on.  I think my husband is more content on this perch than anywhere else on the parkway.

I will always have a picture in my mind of him sitting in his chair holding his binoculars or walking the trails with friends and relatives.

The painting at the top is one view of Rock Castle Gorge from Rocky Knob.  I have done many paintings of the different views of Rock Castle Gorge.

rockcastlecopyrightRock Castle Gorge

30″x40″ Oil painting $2425.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at kendall-kessler.artistwebsites.com

The black bear has made quite a comeback in the Blue Ridge Mountains which is great but hikers need to be aware of them and tread carefully.

On one visit to Rocky Knob my husband and son were coming back up the field at Rocky Knob and a bear was coming after them.  My husband wasn’t aware of the bear but my son called out BEAR.

My husband turned around and reached up high in the air with a stick he was carrying and yelled at the charging bear.  The bear took off and I am very grateful that my son was paying close attention to what was going on and that my husband knew what to do.

Life with The Bird and Word Man

Over the years I have taken many pictures of my husband that I have based paintings on and others he has used for promotion purposes for Poetry magazines.

I just don’t understand why the pictures I take of him now aren’t as great as the ones I took when we were first married!  Must be the digital camera!  LOL