Be Careful about what you say to an Otter…

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My husband is always up early on the week-end so he can observe the wildlife by the New River. 

Today he saw an impressive array of cormorants, one osprey, a flock of house sparrows, otters, and a lot of other birds that I don’t remember.   He has left again for a walk. 

He told me that one time he tried to imitate the sound he heard from the otters in the river and they turned and gave him a menacing look!   He uses his own bird calls all the time but he decided he better not talk to the otters.  They obviously didn’t like what he said!


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Roanoke Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Lives in Forest…

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When my son was little he was fascinated by farms and especially liked to look at silos.  He was always pleased to see The Rusty Silo!

It is no wonder that I keep finding more ghost stories in The New River Valley.  According to  Harper’s Index, the ghost Research Society of Oak Lawn, Illinois Virginia ranks number one among states with the largest ghost population!


Some stories come from oral traditions and others are mentioned in books about the area.  Again, I don’t really believe in ghosts but these stories are part of our literary heritage and I love ghost stories!


The Woman in Black

In 1902 The Woman in Black terrified Bristol, Roanoke, and Bluefield.  According to newspaper reports her name was spoken everywhere.

One night over 25 people saw her and claimed she was very beautiful!  She never hurt anyone and people believed her to be the wife of an unfaithful husband.

Supposedly her mission was to make sure other men were faithful and would appear to them on occasion.


One night she appeared to a wealthy business man walking home after midnight.  She asked him where he turned off which was twelfth street.  She laid her head on his shoulder and he could not push her away.  She said he was not the first married man she had walked home that night.

Two men tried to trip her on a downtown bridge.  One stood at each end but when they got to her, she vanished.


I found this story on Hobby Haunted House online.


Life with Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

As I have mentioned before, it is great fun living with writer because they are so good with humorous wordplay – or at least the one I married is.

I love to ask him questions that I am almost sure will lead to a crazy comment.

The other night we were watching a Star Trek rerun on TV.  I don’t watch much TV.  I prefer movies when I have the time but it is fun to see those Star Trek characters again!

I asked Clyde what kind of name is DeForest Kelly.  DeForest is such an unusual first name.  He said it is German for lives in the Forest.  Yeah, tell me another one Word Man!  Just for fun, I looked it up.  Lebt in Wald is lives in Forest in German.