Smart View on The Beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway and This is Spring?

My Artwork

creeksmartviewlbig (1)Creek at Smartview      Original Painting has been sold

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Another beautiful vista on The Blue RIdge Parkway is Smartview.  I have done one painting and one pastel painting of this great place.  I willl never forget the day we had a picnic there.  I was teaching at Radford University and working hard at motherhood, painting, and housework and I was so tired I was practically lying down on the picnic table.

I still wanted to take some pictures to base some painting on so I got up and got some great shots of Smart View and then turned around and took a shot of the creek which was so peaceful.  Most of my paintings are based on my photographs and slides.  Pein air painting is not for me.

My work is meant to be viewed indoors and it is done with many layers going from thin to thick paint.  If I paint outdoors and then bring it inside, it is a completely different painting.

Creek at Smart View was bought by a great Blacksburg patron who later commissioned me to paint a creek scene with his wife and a child by her side.  She was pregnant and knew nothing of this painting.  A Baby shower was coming up and he worked on a baby tapestry that was the same size as the painting.  At the shower he had my painting under a sheet of fabric and his wife told everyone she already knew what it was.  She was sure  it was the tapestry. When he took down the sheet and revealed a painting with her and a child by a creek she was flabbergasted.

What a great gift, great surprise,  and a great husband!

bluestonelakebig (1)Bluestone Lake   Original oil painting   30″x40″     $2425.00

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Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

My husband is quite a self-taught scholar and one of his favorite subjects is the weather.  He has been studying the patterns all his life and when he was a child he would tell his mother what to expect and she said he was right most of the time.

I always check with him if I am going out anywhere.   One time at an outdoor  show in Roanoke on a very sunny day he came up to me and said I had five minutes and then it would be raining.  Everyone around me thought he was wrong.  Five minutes later there was a river running down the road.

Needless to say he is concerned with what he calls climate disruption.  He agrees with scientists that think global warming is real whatever the cause which brings me to my blog title.  This is Spring?  There is another cold front on the way and I am not looking forward to it!

Beautiful Carvins Cove near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Walking Behind a Horse…

My Artwork

magiclightcarvinscovecopyrightMagic Light at Carvin’s Cove   Original painting has been sold

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Carvins Cove

Another great place near  The Blue Ridge Parkway is Carvin’s Cove.  I have done three paintings so far of this beautiful section of The Blue Ridge Mountains and will probably do more in the future.

Magic Light at  Carvin’s Cove is probably my favorite!  I am especially pleased with the light effect and the cool colors in the mountains and water.  I think this is one of my most magical paintings and it was sold to a great Roanoke patron.

Carvins Cover Nature Reserve is the second largest park in the nation.  11,363 acres of Carvins Cove is protected by the largest conservation easement in Virginia’s history and is overflowing with recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, fishing, and boat rentals.  There are more than 40 miles of trails.

I found this information on Carvins Cove in  the online publication Roanoke


Misty Morning at Carvins Cove          original oil painting   32″x42″  professionally framed   $2952.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Life with the Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

When I say I married the Bird Man I don’t mean I married someone that likes to look at birds once in a while.  Clyde is a serious conservationist and has been keeping records on bird populations since 1975.

He is working hard to add his 15,000 data reports to E bird at Cornell University.  For most of our marriage he has worked part-time with the  U.S. Forest Service in The Jefferson National Forest researching bird, butterfly, and dragonfly populations.

The Trojan Horse  

My husband and I didn’t grow up with computers but now they are an essential part of our life and we are thankful for them in many ways but the computer can be a trojan horse.  We all have to be careful of harmful invasions.

I don’t know if anyone else has called the computer a Trojan Horse but lately I think it is a fitting title in another way.  Between my husband’s work and my artwork we spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.

Lately I feel like I walked behind that horse and got kicked hard right in the butt!  I have to remember to get up every so often or maybe we should get a very high table for the computer so we can stand up!

Beautiful Arnold Valley on The Blue Ridge Parkway and Connect the Dots…

My Artwork

Another great mountain site on The Blue RIdge Parkway is Arnold Valley.  I am especially pleased with the atmosphere in my painting, “Near Arnold Valley” from one of the overlooks there. The blues were really taking over the range on this day.

arnoldvalleycopyrightNear Arnold Valley 30×40 oil painting     $2425.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at KENDALL KESSLER ART

My painting does not show the valley but rather the ranges near it, hence the title “Near Arnold’s Valley.

The name comes from Steve Arnold who established his homestead there in 1749.

I am always been fascinated with what we artists call the disollution of form due to atmospheric conditions.  That is one of the reasons I love The Blue Ridge Mountains.  The colors change with each new day.

One of my heroes, Claude Monet, was also fascinated with color changes.  He didn’t think it was possible to actually paint a landscape accurately since colors change so quickly due to light and atmosphere.

He would put down each color as he saw it and said the result was a naive impression.

Life with The Bird and Word Man

My husband has commented that I remind him of Spock on Star Trek because he thinks I have a logical mind.  Although I wouldn’t want people to think I am that fictional character I am pleased by the compliment.

My husband said he did not think his mind was logical but I disagree.  I told him his mind is logical and he is much more knowledgeable than the average person.

I did admit that sometimes he has trouble connecting the dots.

His reply was, “What dots?”

Of course he is kidding…I think…maybe.

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burningshorecopyrightBurning Shore   original painting has been sold

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breakerspicopyrightBreakers at Pawleys Island     original painting has been sold

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Wildflowers at Rock Castle Gorge on The Blue RIdge Parkway and Send out the Dog sleds…

My Artwork

I have quite a number of paintings that are based on scenes from Rock Castle Gorge and views from Rocky Knob.  I am pleased with all of them but if I had to pick favorites it would be the ones that include wildflowers.  The wildflowers are especially beautiful there and make for great color accents in my work.

summerpathcopyrightSummer Path at Rock Castle Gorge   $2425.00

Prints on paper or canvas at

Summer Path at Rock Castle Gorge is one of my favorite landscapes.  My husband took me around to all the paths that were not hiking paths and I especially liked this one because of the colors and the path was grass rather than dirt.  It was probably just a place where a lot of people have walked through to the ridge to see more of the beautiful mountain vista.

My favorite wildflower found there and here in Radford, Virginia is Sweet Pea.  I love all colors but I am especially fond of magenta, probably because it is a red purple so it is both a warm and a cool color.

There is also Red Trillium, white Albultescens, and pink Claytonia virginica in this wonderful Blue Ridge Parkway area of Virginia.

Here are two more paintings from Rock Castle Gorge.  The first one is another view from Rocky Knob and the other one is a view from another part of the Rocky Knob overlook.

rockyknobcloudscopyrightRocky Knob

Original painting has been sold

prints on paper or canvas available at

sweetpeacopyrightSweet Pea Morning Original painting – $884.00

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Life with The Bird and Word Man

My husband, Clyde Kessler,  has always kept a close watch on the weather.  He follows all the reports and says some weather forecasters are more accurate than others.  This morning he was quite concerned about the coming  ice and snow storm so he asked me if we needed to get to the store for anything before the roads got bad.

I told him we were seriously low on chocolate.

He said we better send out the dog sled. LOL!