Looking Down from Sharp Top at The Peaks of Otter and The Bird Man is at it Again!

viewsharptopcopyrightView from Sharp Top       Original 12″x16″ Professionally Framed Oil Painting    $484.00

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  • I will never forget the time my husband, son, and I walked down from Sharp Top mountain on The Peaks of Otter in Bedford County, Virginia.   How great to see the world from the mountain’s view!  We walked around and around the pointed peak and saw people climbing up.  I would never do that.  I am not in that good of shape to walk up a mountain and I think my son would have complained big time about that type of walk even though he did spend his childhood walking with his Dad on long mountain trails and even encountered a bear one time at Rocky Knob!
  • I am especially proud of my painting, “View from Sharp Top”, that was based on a photograph I took on the way down.  This painting has an exceptionally complicated textural surface and the colors sing!   Now that the Lodge has re-opened I hope we will find the time to visit this gorgeous resort again soon!  Such a peaceful, beautiful section of The Blue Ridge Parkway!

overlooknearPOOcopyrightGreat Valley Overlook Near The Peaks of Otter  Original Oil Painting   30″x 40″  in silver colored metal frame     $2425.00

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peachysunsetcopyrightPeachy Sunset      Original Oil Painting has been sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

One of my favorite 20th century artists Pierre Bonnard once said, in so many words that an artist can learn a lot from the colors of a peach since they don’t change like the colors in a sunset.


Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

My naturalist husband is at it again!  This week-end he will be leading a Spring Discovery Walk  with Nancy Kent at Wildwood Park in Radford, Virginia.  Nancy Kent is a great photographer and retired elementary school teacher.

The two of them are teaming up to help parents and their children learn how to  photograph various insects and flowers!  What a great way to start off the Spring season and enjoy nature in a beautiful setting!  Come with your children for a wonderful and educational outing!