I am Really Figuring out that Monkey!

Please check out my latest Youtube and send it to Stumbleupon!

As I have mentioned ad nauseam, I am not that great with computers and new sites usually baffle me for a while. 

I was having a very hard time with Mail Chimp but I think I have figured out how to work with that monkey! 

It is a great site, I just get confused with some of the directions.

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Thursday is now Youtube Day!


I have decided to get back into making Youtubes.  Since I am an amateur pianist I was using my own music but I don’t have time for that so I am adding selections on Youtube.  There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from and I am looking forward to showing more and more of my work in that format!  Here is one of my older ones that I think turned out very well!

Anybody know what I am doing wrong?  In earlier posts I have copied the code and the Youtube shows up.  Why am I only getting the code now?