More Roanoke Beauty near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Radford Roosting Festival this week-end!

My Artwork

leavinfroanokecopyrightLeaving Roanoke       Original tempera painting in white mat   18″x24″     $864.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Here is another Roanoke painting that looks at the Blue Ridge Mountains from the inside.  In “Leaving Roanoke” I have captured a special moment when the car lights and street light have just come on but it isn’t dark yet.  The colors of light and shade are still prominent and the mood is serene even though the traffic is heavy.

The view of the mountain ridge reminds us of  a great city that is nestled in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains!

ferrumcopyrightFerrum  Original Oil Painting has been sold

Prints on paper or canvas available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Kendall Kessler Youtube videos

I also have some of my work on Youtube!  Please check out my paintings there as well as my website.  I am an amateur pianist so I included a number of piano pieces I like as background music.

I have one about my Beautiful Nude series which includes my drawing, “Reaching Out”, which was chosen out of over 3 million works of art on Fine Art America to be on The Mindy Project.  It is in the main character’s office and there have been many shots of it in various episodes.  The show took a break but will be back in April.


Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

The Radford Roosting Festival is this week-end and we are hoping for good weather so the Bird Man can do his thing and entertain participants in his bird walk!  Don’t miss it!

Radford Roosting Festival

RADFORD, VA -The Radford Visitor’s Center will be celebrating the 7th annual Radford Roosting Festival on Saturday, March 29rd in Bisset Park from noon – 3 pm.  Families are welcome and there is no admission charge.

This year’s festival will include live birds, educational birding stations, a photo contest and children’s activities.

There are three scheduled presentations that are sure to be of interest to attendees.

Scheduled presentations are:

12:00 p.m.-Jason Davis/SELU

‘Flying family dynamics: Bluebirds, parenting and stress’

  1:00 p.m.- Sarah Foltz

‘Town & country: How to be an urban bird’

  2:00 p.m.-Jessica Zielske/The Mountain Lake Conservancy

‘Avifauna & geology of Mountain Lake’

Also scheduled is a not-to-be-missed bird walk prior to the festival with Clyde Kessler, local bird expert with Radbird, an outfitter and touring company that specializes in interacting with local birds. The walk sets off at 9 a.m. from the Radford Public Library, 30 West Main St.

Beautiful Doughton Park on The Blue Ridge Parkway and Mountain Man


Liatris Flowers at Doughton Park             30″x40″     $2425.00

Prints available on paper or canvas  at             KENDALL KESSLER ART


My Artwork

Another beautiful park in the Blue Ridge Parkway is Doughton Park which is a 6,000-acre landscape of lovely meadows and pioneer cabins near Sparta, North Carolina.

My husband really gets around on his journeys to study birds and butterflies and I especially liked our excursion to this site.  The Liatris flowers are stunning and I really took off with the colors for this painting!

The park has 30 miles of hiking trails through pastures, valleys, and along streams.  It is one of the best places on the parkway to view wildlife including white-tailed deer, raccoons, red and gray foxes and bobcats.

In addition to the gorgeous Liatris flowers, flame azalea and rhododendron bloom in the late spring.  Guided nature walks and craft demonstrations are offered in the summer season.

The two pioneer cabins are the Brinegar Cabin(ca.1885) and the one-room Caudill Cabin(ca.1985).  Other structures were lost in the great flood of 1916.


BRswirlcopyrightBlue Ridge Swirl      Original Painting has been sold

Prints on paper or canvas available at       KENDALL KESSLER ART

Life with the Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

My husband is from Franklin County which is famous for moon shine and a creek that is named after all the fighting among the mountain people.  The first time I traveled the road along Shooting Creek I thought the named referred to the flowing water down the mountain.

Clyde Kessler is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever known.  He is well-educated and read an entire set of encyclopedias when he was a child.  His great-great uncle George Kessler is one of the three founders of Ferrum College.

Still, he is technically a mountain man and has a beard and a moustache.  On one of his excursions to study bird and butterfly populations with friends from Blacksburg, VA  he had gone off a little ways from the group and someone came up to one of his friends to say he had seen a real mountain man!  I’m sure he meant someone that lived in a cabin with a gun.   What else could the friend say but yes you did!