Another Roanoke Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Where is it?

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beachhousepawleycopyrightBeach Houses at Pawleys Island      Original Painting has been Sold

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 This is where I want to be right now.  We will be vacationing at this great South Carolina resort soon!


fairlawncopyrightClouds Over Fairlawn   Original 18″ x 24″ Pastel Painting    $864

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Another Beautiful Southwest Virginia vista!

clouddancecopyrightCloud Dance  Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting       $2425

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There are a lot of Sugarloaf Mountains.  This is the one in our neck of the woods off the Blue Ridge Parkway!

The Ghosts of Beth Israel Synagogue


Laurie Platt has no doubt she has been in touch with the other side at Beth Israel Synagogue!  She started to see and hear ghosts when she started her Folk Dance classes. A few times upon arrival she heard voices when the place was vacant.

Another time while dancing she looked up to see a woman floating in the back closet.  She was dressed in a ninteenth century dress.

The next day she went to the library and found out that before the synagogue was built there was a house on the property owned by “Betty” and her husband.  Supposedly Betty now haunts the Synagogue!

At other times another dancer and Laurie saw a short man standing on the stairs looking down at the hall watching them dance.


There certainly are a lot of ghost stories in Southwest Virginia and The New River Valley!  It is great fun looking them up!  I found this story on Ghosts of America.


Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler and Where is it?

My husband has a huge library of his naturalist records, wildlife and poetry books.  He is trying to get back some space in our computer room/guest room by putting these records online.  The room is a wreck but I read somewhere that exceptionally intelligent people have a hard time organizing their things because they are involved with so many different studies.

I would like to think that is the case here so I won’t set fire to the room.

I have to have my things organized or I can’t find anything.   I don’t have trouble finding my keys because it is against the law for them to be anywhere but on the kitchen counter or in my purse.  I have had panic attacks when they were just a little to the left or right of the spot and hiding behind something.

I only have one credit card.  If I had more I would lose them.     I don’t wear a ring because I would lose that also.  I can keep up with large things but not small ones.

Oh well.  As a little boy said many years ago to my husband, “We lock the castle up with booming tamborines!”  We manage, we manage!

Another Beautiful day in the Mountains!

ridgelandcopyrightjpgRidgeland Winter Beauty    Original 8″x10″ Oil painting    $170.00

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Another great day in Southwest Virginia!  So much to do.  I just wish someone could add hours to the day!

Radford Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and More Blue Ridge Discovery Center News!

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mountainsunsetcopyrightMountain Sunset   Original Oil Painting has been Sold

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eveningrivermotioncopyrightEvening River Motion   Original 16″x20″ Oil Painting   $670

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I mentioned before that I am a very skeptical person and always look to logic and science to explain phenomenal happenings.

I also check people’s motivation regarding their supernatural experiences.  Does the person gain money from people’s belief in their presentations?

Over the years people have built up a legend around Houdini as if he really did perform magic.

If you research his life you will find out that he did not consider any of his tricks to be supernatural and could explain each one of them.  He did go around and expose mediums that claimed to be in contact with the dead.

I also mentioned that I have had three strange occurrences in my life that I cannot explain, but I forgot about this one.

Ghost at My Piano

I come from a family that has many artists and musicians.  My grandmother and great uncle attended Peabody Conservatory and both taught music.  My grandmother believed everyone should play an instrument and practice every day.  She did not consider the arts to be an educational frill.

I have been working at my Art all my life.  I cannot remember a time that I didn’t spend time drawing and I didn’t like coloring books.  I wanted to make my own drawings.

I also enjoyed music.  My mother wanted us to take lessons but she didn’t make us take lessons.


When I was twelve I decided to take lessons and it was one of the best decisions of my life.  I play every day and it is a wonderful experience.  There have been times that I didn’t play every day but I recently have gotten back to it and do my best to play everyday.  My fingers are not as good as they used to be so I am working hard to improve my technical skill.


A few months ago when I was playing I could have sworn that I heard soft foot steps behind me as I played.  Since I am so skeptical I just considered the sound to be a  trick of my mind.

It happened a number of times the next few days and now I don’t hear them.  I would like to think my grandmother was there with me!  Who knows!


Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

In addition to The Mount Rogers 40th Naturalist Rally on May 9th and 10th, there is a Farm Days outing coming up on May 21st through 23rd!  This great event will be at Matthews Living History Farm Museum !

The event will include educational demonstrations and programs for kids!  Come on out!


Another Roanoke City Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Murphy is stalking me again!

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poppieslacecopyrightPoppies and Lace   Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting     $2425

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Roanoke City Ghost Story

I keep thinking I am going to move on to other interesting aspects of the New River Valley and The Blue Ridge Parkway and then I find another ghost story to share!  Ghost stories are so much fun and I didn’t know about any of these until this year!

Here is another Roanoke one!

At The Patrick Henry Motel there are a number of ghostly apparitions. The Motel was built in 1925 and there are three ghostly men that supposedly hang around the ball room to keep an eye on things.

On the second floor there is a man with a pipe that sits at one of the tables. Some people say he kicks the tablecloth with his foot.

Many people claim they feel the presence of an elderly woman who died in one of the rooms!

I found this information on the online publication, Haunted Places.

Murphy’s Law

When I was working on my Master’s degree I worked for a professor that had a huge poster of Murphy’s Law.  He said a friend gave it to him.  I read the whole poster and have never forgotten all the things that this mysterious Murphy does to us.

Sometimes I feel like Murphy is stalking me!   My latest example of how, if anything can go wrong, it will, involves my favorite sport.

I have been skating since I was a child and my sister is so accomplished that she teaches ice skating in Sterling, Virginia.

Since there isn’t a skating rink nearby I have been roller blading for many years in Christiansburg.  The rink closed down but a few years later a fantastic one opened near the old one.   The boot on one of my skates finally cracked apart and I had to buy new ones.

I have never liked the new ones so a while ago I ordered a very expensive pair that I knew would be great!

Last Sunday I drove to the rink with my old skates and they were closed.  I figured that they were starting their summer schedule early so I went home and looked online.  I was stunned to see that they were closed permanently!

The next day my new skates showed up!  AAAARGH!


Dominion   Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting     $2425

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A Beautiful Moment    Original 20″x 16″  Oil Painting     $660

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Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

Since my husband is on a computer eight hours a day he knows more than I know.  We did not grow up with them so we are baffled at times.  Now I am trying to figure out a Yoast plug in that I downloaded.

So far we aren’t cussing the computer but I think we will be soon!  I wish one of us was a computer whiz!  I hate how we have to call on someone that is our son’s age to help.  Such is life!

Peaks of Otter Resort on The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Mount Rogers 40th Naturalist Rally is almost here!

My Artwork


Now that the weather is finally warming up I am thinking about all the beautiful spots on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The Peaks of Otter resort is high on my list and I have a number of paintings that were done from that beautiful place.

Here is the lodge.  I am especially pleased with the dreamy reflections in the water and the serene mood in this painting.

peakslodgecopyrightPeaks of Otter Lodge      Original 16″x12″ Oil painting        $484.00

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Color Swirl over The Peaks of Otter is my favorite one of the series.  I have sold a number of prints of this colorful vista.   The original painting is still available!


Cloud Swirl over The Peaks of Otter    Original 18″x 24″ Oil painting  $864.00

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craftsmancopyrightCraftsman  Original Oil Painting has been Sold

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Craftsman is my tribute to the great mountain people I have come into contact with through my husband.


The Peaks of Otter

The Peaks of Otter has drawn settlers and travelers for more than 8,000 years.  The community began in 1776 when Thomas Wood came down from Pennsylvania and settled there.  The wife of one of Wood’s descendants opened her home as the area’s first lodging for travelers in 1834.

By the late 1880s the Peak of Otter was home to 20 families, a school, church, and resort.

In the mid 1900’s it was selected for special attention as the National Parks Service developed recreation sites along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Abbott Lake was constructed and the resort opened in 1964.

I got this information from the Peaks of Otter online website.


Life with The Bird and Word Man  – Clyde Kessler

My husband is still hard at work uploading over 2,000 bird files to Cornell University.  He hopes the research he has been doing on the wildlife of this wonderful mountain region will be of help to future generations that seek to preserve his homeland.


The Mount Rogers 40th Naturalist Rally


The 2014 Rally will be May 9 & 10.

Friday Night Speaker –  Nancy Lee Adamson PhD, Pollinator Conservation Specialist – East Region, The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. An Introduction to Native Bees and Other “Beneficial” Arthropods of the Mid-Atlantic – learn about common native bees we can support by protecting and planting pollinator habitat. The program will highlight nesting habits of some of the 500 species of native bees in Virginia, as well as other pollinators, predators, and parasitoids that benefit from pollinator habitat.

Friday night entertainment – Ronald and Ellie Kirby will be bringing in the evening with some traditional old time tunes.

DOOR PRIZE! – David Richert has offered a free afternoon consultation on forest management as the friday night door prize.


Another Radford Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Not just any Idiot…

My Artwork


windingflowerpathcopyrightWinding Flower Path    Original Oil Painting has been Sold

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The beautiful weather has inspired me to put up this colorful floral that was sold in a gallery in North Carolina



Mushroom Clouds   Original 30″x40″  Oil painting        $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at     KENDALL KESSLER ART

There is nothing like the beautiful light in the mountains!  Not a cloud in the sky is fine, but I prefer skies with clouds!

Another Radford City Ghost Story

I having a lot of fun looking up New River Valley Ghost stories.  I am a very skeptical person but they are great stories whether or not they are are true!

La Rivierie which is located in Radford by The New River is said to be haunted by a Lady that appears in a mirror.  The 10 room mansion was constructed by Mary Draper Ingles grandson but was destroyed in a fire before the couple moved in.  The mansion was rebuilt according to the same specifications.

Some say the woman that haunts the mansion is Mary Draper Ingles.  There is a woman’s image that seems to be burned into the mirror that can be seen from a certain angle.  Another theory is a that the image is of Anne Mclanahan who was a frequent visitor to the mansion.  She was looking for her cat during a thunderstorm.  Supposedly she was standing in front of the mirror when a lightening bolt blast seared her image in the mirror.  The mirror was new and residents noticed the change after her visit.

People say she haunts the mansion and is referred to as The Lady in the Mirror.

I got this story from Strange

Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

My husband and I have had a lot of trouble with vacuum cleaners.  I always look for objects that will break them, but, either I don’t find them all, or the vacuum cleaners just aren’t any good.  This time I am determined to take good care of the one we recently bought and I have the box with everything in it so we can return it for a full refund.   I don’t like to insure household objects, but this time I am making an exception.

I used to have one that required bags but our new one has to be emptied.  I am trying not to do anything stupid so I asked Clyde to empty it and then show me how.  He showed me where the lever was and I then remarked that, of course, any idiot could put it back together.

He said, with eyes wide open, not just any idiot, this idiot!

No problem.  Maybe we can hang on to one this time.

La Riviere”, or Ingles Castle as it is known locally–sits alongside the New River in the City of Radford. The 10 room mansion was constructed by the grandson of Mary Ingles Draper in 1893. Prior, the extravagant mansion had been constructed but had burned down the night before the couple moved in. Blueprints were given to a contractor with the request that he re-build it on the same grounds to the same specifications.


Beautiful Carvins Cove near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Walking Behind a Horse…

My Artwork

magiclightcarvinscovecopyrightMagic Light at Carvin’s Cove   Original painting has been sold

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Carvins Cove

Another great place near  The Blue Ridge Parkway is Carvin’s Cove.  I have done three paintings so far of this beautiful section of The Blue Ridge Mountains and will probably do more in the future.

Magic Light at  Carvin’s Cove is probably my favorite!  I am especially pleased with the light effect and the cool colors in the mountains and water.  I think this is one of my most magical paintings and it was sold to a great Roanoke patron.

Carvins Cover Nature Reserve is the second largest park in the nation.  11,363 acres of Carvins Cove is protected by the largest conservation easement in Virginia’s history and is overflowing with recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, fishing, and boat rentals.  There are more than 40 miles of trails.

I found this information on Carvins Cove in  the online publication Roanoke


Misty Morning at Carvins Cove          original oil painting   32″x42″  professionally framed   $2952.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Life with the Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

When I say I married the Bird Man I don’t mean I married someone that likes to look at birds once in a while.  Clyde is a serious conservationist and has been keeping records on bird populations since 1975.

He is working hard to add his 15,000 data reports to E bird at Cornell University.  For most of our marriage he has worked part-time with the  U.S. Forest Service in The Jefferson National Forest researching bird, butterfly, and dragonfly populations.

The Trojan Horse  

My husband and I didn’t grow up with computers but now they are an essential part of our life and we are thankful for them in many ways but the computer can be a trojan horse.  We all have to be careful of harmful invasions.

I don’t know if anyone else has called the computer a Trojan Horse but lately I think it is a fitting title in another way.  Between my husband’s work and my artwork we spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.

Lately I feel like I walked behind that horse and got kicked hard right in the butt!  I have to remember to get up every so often or maybe we should get a very high table for the computer so we can stand up!