Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Sell Mountain Lake Print and The President of Backyardica…

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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I have finally got to the finesse stage of my latest floral and am so pleased to be done with most of the work.  I love what I do but it does require a lot of time and discipline.  I am going to work on another Blue Ridge overlook painting that I have a good idea for that resulted from the ones I recently demonstrated on Youtube.  I have a lot of photographs from the Parkway to work from but I think I am going to ad lib a lot on this one.  I may just base it on some ranges and then go from there. 

Anyway, I am so glad we voted yesterday.  I am seeing posts of lines that are a quarter of a mile long in Northern Virginia.  Wow!  We just went in to the registrar’s office and got it done in a few minutes.  I think it is great that people are voting early and making sure their vote counts. 

Also, very pleased to sell another print of one of my most popular paintings, Canoes at Mountain Lake to a great Texas patron.  This is the setting for the hit movie Dirty Dancing and we have vacationed there twice!  The natural lake practically emptied but it seems to be filling up again!  Hope to go there soon!


Canoes at Mountain Lake Sketch   Original  Oil Painting  SOLD

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Mountain Lake Reflections 30″ x 20″ Oil Pastel  painting $1230




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Autumn Pond   Original 40″ x 26″ Oil painting $2180


Life with the Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

What a strange year for someone that has spent countless hours researching birds and butterflies all over the Blue Ridge and surrounding mountains. 

This time of the year he is usually leading hawk watches up at Rocky Knob.  Now his hawk watching post is Back Yardica. 

He is the president, founder, recording secretary,  and only member of The Backyardica Bird Club. 

He sure has seen a lot of hawks lately!


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Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

Prints on Paper, Canvas, Metal, and Greeting Cards Available at  KENDALL KESSLER ART

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Thank you for looking at paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, Biltmore Ghosts and The Word Man gets Published Again!

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist


mtlakeevecopyrightMountain Lake Shadows   Original 23″x30″ Oil Pastel Painting   $1380

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

This was the setting for the hit movie, Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze!


housechesterbrookcopyrightHome on Chesterbrook Road   Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting    $2425

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at  KENDALL KESSLER ART


Biltmore Ghosts


A while back I wrote about some ghostly activity at the Biltmore Estate.  Yesterday I found out that there was a lot more to the story!

Back in 1914, George W. Vanderbilt died from complications from a surgery he had for appendicitis. His wife was extremely upset. So late at night, in the Library, she would sit in front of the large marble fireplace, and talk with George though he was never really there.

Her servants started to think she was losing her mind. To this day, late at night you can still hear her voice talking with George very softly. Also, you can feel George’s presence in the Billiard Room, and the 2nd floor Oak Sitting room, one of his favorite rooms in the mansion.

During rainy late nights, George would sit and read. Workers report feelings of being watched, apparitions, voices, laughing, & screams. A headless orange cat has been seen by numerous visitors roaming the area between the Gardens and the Bass pond. The Pool Room is also a focal point of unexplainable events. The sound of people swimming echoes throughout the entire lower floor in the dead of night.

Insane laughter can be heard coming from the drain at the bottom of the pool. It is said to be haunted by a lady in black. Employees report hearing footsteps on the second floor. It’s $10 for the small tour and $50 for the full tour of the house. But be sure you stay CLOSE to the guide. Odds are, there will only be 3 or 4 people touring with you.

I got this story from The Blue Ridge Parkway Guide online publication


Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

The Word Man does it again!  This time He got a poem published in the San Pedro River Review fall issue!  The name of the poem is “Gigging and it will be in print!


I hope you enjoyed paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway.

Computer Arm Strikes Again! Time to get Off!!!

I need to let up but there is always so much to do online.  I don’t have carpel  tunnel but I do have one sore arm!   As we all know, swimming is the answer!  I will be there tomorrow!


boathousecopyrightBoat House at Mountain Lake    Original Oil Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART


Mountain Lake was the setting for the hit movie, Dirty Dancing starring Patrick Swayze!

Another Gorgeous Day in the Mountains!

canoesmtlakecopyrightCanoes at Mountain Lake    Original Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Another gorgeous day in Radford, VA!  The painting is of the setting for the hit movie, Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze!  Mountain Lake Resort is one of my favorite Southwest Virginia places!

Radford University Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and One of Those Faces…

My Artwork




Boat House Mountain Lake in Giles County   Original Painting has been Sold

Prints on Paper or Canvas available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

This painting is of a beautiful section of Mountain Lake Resort in Giles County, VA.  This popular resort was the setting for the great movie, Dirty Dancing, starring Patrick Swayze!


Radford University Ghost Story


Beneath the grounds of Radford University there is a network of tunnels that used to be used by students so they wouldn’t have to go out in bad weather.  The school was originally a girl’s college.

There is a ghost story about one student that prowls the tunnels on Hall o’ ween.

The tunnels were closed long ago and entrance to them is forbidden.

The girl’s name was Elizabeth and she shunned the other students. They played tricks on her and sent her a note claiming a suitor wanted to see her at the Hall o’ ween ball dressed as a princess and he would be her prince.  She went to the ball and waited. He never appeared but a student handed her a note that requested she meet him in the tunnels.  It was dark and she tripped and broke her neck and died instantly.

The legend is that she prowls the tunnels calling for her prince every Hall o’ ween!


This story was written by Richie Ellis and printed in The Haunted Commonwealth online publication in 2010.  The story is more complicated if you would like to check it out!


muchroompickercopyrightThe Mushroom Picker    Original  32″x40″   Oil Painting    $2580.00

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at     KENDALL KESSLER ART


This painting is based on a photograph my husband took of someone picking mushrooms at Pandapas Pond.  Oddly enough, the man resembles my husband.


A Memory    Original  26″x36″  Oil Painting    $1892.00

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Since I am writing about New River Valley ghost stories lately, I thought this haunting painting would be great for this post!  This painting is loosely based on a photograph I saw of a scene that reminded me of my grandmother’s beautiful grounds in her home in Clarksville, Virginia.  When I look at this painting I am reminded of our special visits to her home.


One of Those Faces

All of my life people have told me I look just like a relative or friend.  It has never bothered me that I just have one of those faces but now I like to make a joke out of it.

The other night at a Chick Corea concert at Radford University it happened again.  A lady in the seat behind me asked me to forgive her for staring but I look so much like her sister.  We discussed backgrounds and hers was mostly Irish while I am half Italian but I do look more like my mother’s Scottish and Irish side.

When the concert was over I looked over to the lady and said, “You must have a beautiful sister!”   She said she did and we both laughed –  but not too hard, of course!


Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

My husband is at it again publishing poems!  This week he had five poems published in Still: The Journal.  This is the second time he has had work published there and this online magazine won the 2014 E-Appalachia Award!


Also, another bird count is coming up in Franklin County on April 26th.  There are teams that have mapped out locations to survey.  People are welcome to join the effort.  If you are interested contact my bird man at!