Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Looking at a Cardinal and Old Chocolate…

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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As usual I am working on this life sucking device but today there is a change in the room.  A poor female cardinal keeps knocking herself against the window.  Since I am married to the Bird Man I knew right away what was going on. She is trying to frighten off the bird she is seeing in the window so she can build a nest without competition. 

This happened yesterday afternoon and Clyde opened the window to change the angle of light so she wouldn’t see her reflection but I don’t think that will work today.  It is cloudy.  Oh well, I will consult The Bird Man when he gets home.



 New River Trestle  Original 30″ x 40″ Oil painting  $2425

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Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

I love fancy candy in boxes.  I don’t eat a lot of it but once in a while those hand built chocolates are great!  The other day I bought a box and when I opened it the candy was as old as me.  There was white stuff  on all of the pieces.  I really wanted a fancy chocolate so I ate two and then regretted it.

Chocolate that old does not taste good.  It was so bad that I called Clyde and told him if I die from food poisoning he should sue the store where I got the chocolate.

As usual he had a smart alec remark.  He said probably all he would get  would be two pieces of good chocolate after he paid the lawyers thousands of dollars.  He would be pushing a broom until he was 102 to pay for the suit. 

Ha ha.

 Blue Ridge Discovery News

Again, The Blue Ridge Discovery Group is gearing up for better weather!  Here is a link to more information!

The Young Explorers Club, ages 9-18, comes together to explore, discover and share the wonders of the Blue Ridge.   Email to learn more about the Club and our upcoming trips.

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Sugowl (2)

Red Eyed Hoot   Original  Acrylic Painting  NFS

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