I think I am Catching on!

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I send out a newsletter from my website but I am now trying to send out one on Mail Chimp which was recommended to me as having a newsletter edge. 

As usual, I have been having an awful time with the directions but I think I am finally getting it and will send out one tomorrow.  I plan to send out a newsletter every two weeks. 

More time on the computer.  What else is new? 



IMG_1612 (1)The Cascades    Original  24″ x 20″ Oil Painting      $960

Prints on Paper or Canvas and Greeting Cards Available at    KENDALL KESSLER ART

Okay, Where is the Sun?

We needed the rain but I am looking forward to seeing the sun, soon, I hope! 


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reachingoutcopyrightReaching Out    Original  24″x 18″ Charcoal Drawing        $894

Prints on Paper or Canvas Available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Just sold another print of “Reaching Out” to a great patron in New York!  This drawing really gets around!  It is on the set of The Mindy Project which begins its new season Tuesday 9:30!  

It is located across from Mindy’s desk!