More on Carvins Cove near The Blue Ridge Parkway and So glad to get this email!

My Artwork

smallcarvinscovecopyrightCarvins Cove   Original oil painting has been sold

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  • Carvins Cove was a prepatory painting for my larger version, “Misty Morning at Carvins Cove.  Carvins Cove is the water source for Roanoke, VA.  I sold this small version and then started on the larger work.  It is the same locale but the paintings are quite different.

Carvins Cove is such a beautiful jewel in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia!  I have lived in southwest Virginia my adult life and can’t imagine living anywhere else!  I stare at my beautiful surroundings from my house and car and am always amazed by the magical atmosphere!

sugarloafcopyrightSugarloaf Mountain   oil on canvas   14″x11″   $313.0

Prints on paper or canvas available at        KENDALL KESSLER ART

Sugarloaf is another mountain range near Rock Castle on The Blue Ridge Parkway

Life with the Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler


I like to tease my husband about all that he does for the natural world.  I don’t know anybody else that gets up early to check on wildlife populations in their surrounding area.  On week-ends and when he is off from work, that is what he does.

Sometimes I call him Saint Clyde of Radford since much of what he does is what Saint Francis of Assisi did.  He hates it when I do that and gives me a sour look.  He claims that what he does is what people are supposed to do.  But who else is doing what he does without payment?  He is not perfect but it is great to admire your spouse!

Satisfied Patron

Monday I mailed Beach Houses at Pawleys Island to a great patron in Maryland.  As always, it took quite some time to crate up a 30″x40″ oil painting on masonite.  It has to be bubble wrapped and double boxed.  I am always glad to drop it off at UPS.

I am always uptight when I sell anything on the internet due to the different calibrations of monitors.  I am always worried that the painting does not look like what the patron is seeing on their end.

I have never had an unhappy patron, and, as usual I received a glowing report about my work!  The patron could not be happier and now I can relax!

beachpawlyhcopyrightBeach Houses at Pawleys Island  

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Beautiful Carvins Cove near The Blue Ridge Parkway and Walking Behind a Horse…

My Artwork

magiclightcarvinscovecopyrightMagic Light at Carvin’s Cove   Original painting has been sold

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Carvins Cove

Another great place near  The Blue Ridge Parkway is Carvin’s Cove.  I have done three paintings so far of this beautiful section of The Blue Ridge Mountains and will probably do more in the future.

Magic Light at  Carvin’s Cove is probably my favorite!  I am especially pleased with the light effect and the cool colors in the mountains and water.  I think this is one of my most magical paintings and it was sold to a great Roanoke patron.

Carvins Cover Nature Reserve is the second largest park in the nation.  11,363 acres of Carvins Cove is protected by the largest conservation easement in Virginia’s history and is overflowing with recreational opportunities including hiking, biking, fishing, and boat rentals.  There are more than 40 miles of trails.

I found this information on Carvins Cove in  the online publication Roanoke


Misty Morning at Carvins Cove          original oil painting   32″x42″  professionally framed   $2952.00

Prints on paper or canvas available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

Life with the Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

When I say I married the Bird Man I don’t mean I married someone that likes to look at birds once in a while.  Clyde is a serious conservationist and has been keeping records on bird populations since 1975.

He is working hard to add his 15,000 data reports to E bird at Cornell University.  For most of our marriage he has worked part-time with the  U.S. Forest Service in The Jefferson National Forest researching bird, butterfly, and dragonfly populations.

The Trojan Horse  

My husband and I didn’t grow up with computers but now they are an essential part of our life and we are thankful for them in many ways but the computer can be a trojan horse.  We all have to be careful of harmful invasions.

I don’t know if anyone else has called the computer a Trojan Horse but lately I think it is a fitting title in another way.  Between my husband’s work and my artwork we spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen.

Lately I feel like I walked behind that horse and got kicked hard right in the butt!  I have to remember to get up every so often or maybe we should get a very high table for the computer so we can stand up!