Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Sell a Print of Tall Blue Vase and Dinosaur Bones?

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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Well, I am not going stir crazy yet but I am not getting out much.  I am worried about the virus and have been washing my hands all the time now.  I have to go grocery shopping but I figured out a way to do that with minimal contamination. 

I try to keep my distance from other shoppers as much as possible and I wear gloves.  I sanitize my hands before I put the gloves on.  Then when I get home I take them off and sanitize my hands again so I can pick the gloves up and put them in the wash.  I hope that helps. 

We don’t have a reported case here but I have heard we don’t have the testing kits so there may be cases that are not documented. I never thought I would see the day that the whole world is quarantined. 

Anyway, I have a new video up on my latest Dallas Skyline Painting.  It is very short because the demo tape I made didn’t work out.  I was just about done when the camera messed up so I made a short video of the painting and my latest Blue Ridge painting. 

Looking forward to a new oil painting as I continue to paint acrylic skylines and other abstracts.

I am very pleased to sell a large metal print of Tall Blue Vase to a great Texas patron!  Check it out below!


Tall Blue Vase   Original  Oil painting    SOLD

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Cozy Original 7″x  5″   Oil painting $75

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Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

Clyde and I love Russel Stover pecan sandies.  We consider them to be a staple and I hate it when we run out. Kroger used to have big bags of them but now they just have small boxes. 

I was so surprised to see them on sale for $1.50 so I bought one hoping they were not stale.  I figured they would be good but Clyde said watch out for dinosaur bones.

Okay, I know exaggeration is one of the key components of humor but dinosaur bones in candy?  I think that is a bit much. LOL!









Towhee Hill Studio on Etsy

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Memphis Green    Original  12″x 9″ Acrylic  Painting $271

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Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

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Marsh View at Pawleys Island Original   Original 60″ x 42″ Oil painting $4920

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