Another Blacksburg Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and The Bird Man’s Recent Sightings…


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ghoststorecopyrightGhost Store   Original 12″x 9″ Mixed Media Drawing    $221.00

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Ghost Store is an abandoned building in a beautiful environment.  I am a big fan of the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes” and this drawing reminds me of those stores of long ago.  I love to look at buildings from the past.  There is an eerie ghostly quality about them that draws the viewer in.

I am especially pleased with the stunning light effect in this drawing. The light seems to be spotlighting the old building. This drawing was done with colored pencils and pastels.


Blacksburg Lyric Theater Ghost Story

Originally constructed in 1929 and opened on April 17, 1930, the Lyric Theatre is a blend of Art Deco and Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, designed by Roanoke architect Louis Phillipe Smithey. Most notable on the Lyric’s façade are the traditional Comedy and Tragedy masks.

1994-From 1989 to 1994, although closed as a film house, the Lyric continued to have a life as a large classroom rented to Virginia Tech and as the Democratic Party Headquarters each fall.

1994-1995 -In 1994, a group of citizens lead by the Downtown Merchants of Blacksburg banded together to create the Lyric Council, which was determined to reopen the Lyric and return it to its former glory. In February 1996, the Lyric was reopened for the first time in eight years. The theater was operated as a partially renovated space for two years while money was being raised for the full-scale renovations.

The theater is one of the few theaters left with an upper balcony and workers have reported hearing things and the feeling of someone brushing behind them as they walked by.  There is a tale of a worker dying there years ago.


I got the ghost story  information from The Ghost Hunter Store online. The information about the Lyric Theater is from The Lyric Theater website.


dockpandapascopyrightDock, Pandapas Pond Giles County           Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting   $2425.00

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pathpandapascopyrightPath Near Pandapas Pond Giles County     Original Oil Painting has been Sold

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Life with The Bird and Word Man – Clyde Kessler

This time of the year my naturalist husband pays close attention to bird sitings and told me yesterday that the following birds have returned for the nesting season in Radford Virginia.  He is always out there keeping tabs on what’s up in our area and in various sites on The Blue Ridge Parkway and other local sites.  He is still in the process of uploading over 2000 files of sightings to e-Bird at Cornell University.

Saturdays Nature Walk at Wildwood Park was a great success!  A good crowd came out for this pilot program and my husband and Nancy Kent are looking forward to more of these instructive hikes in the future!

Yellow-throated Vireo
Warbling Vireo
Cliff Swallow, there were several Cliff Swallows repairing last year’s nests on Memorial Bridge.




Our Blacksburg Ghost Story near The Blue Ridge Parkway and a Gorilla…

My Artwork

housebburgcopyright  House in Blacksburg        Original Oil Painting has been sold

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Since I have been blogging about New River Valley Ghost stories lately I thought this painting would be a good one to put up.  I had no intentions of painting a ghost house but the dissolution of form in the warm and cool colors, in a way, gives the impression of an other-worldly place.

Our Short Blacksburg Ghost Story

I am a very level-headed person and extremely skeptical of anything that is considered to be supernatural.  I took a silly Big Bang test a while back to see which character I am like on the show, and, of course, it was Sheldon.  My husband says I remind him of Spock from Star Trek.

Anyway, having said all that, I must say I have had three strange experiences in my life that I cannot explain.

Here is one of them.

Years ago my husband and I needed to get a larger apartment at the complex we lived at in Blacksburg, VA.  The manager said F-67 was open and we grabbed it.  They were having a hard time renting it and we couldn’t see why.  They were all alike.

Shortly after we moved in we were resting on our bed when we heard, very clearly, a voice that seemed to be coming from the closet.  The word was Rachel in a strange voice.  It happened a few more times and we just ignored it.  We never heard it again.

The only logical explanation would be that someone that could throw their voice like a ventriloquist was outside and playing a trick on us.  We will never know!

hucklyberrylinetrailcopyrightRain Pond, Huckleberry Line Trail in Blacksburg     Original Painting has been sold

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This pond no longer exists.  It was at the Blacksburg Airport when my husband and I were first married.  We would walk out to it every Sunday afternoon.  That is such a pleasant memory.

rockgardencopyrightRock Garden   Original 32″x40″ Professionally Framed Oil Painting    $2720.00

Prints on Paper or Canvas available at   KENDALL KESSLER ART

This painting was inspired by the beautiful flower gardens at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg VA

Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

I try very hard to avoid problems on the internet.  I know that people can copy a site and make it look like an official request for a phishing attempt.  I know that people will try to get money from me by claiming they want to buy a painting and I need to pay their private shipping company out of the excess money on the check they send me.  Of course, the check is phoney and I am out the shipping money.

I have never fallen for that one and never will.

I do download some sites that are designed to help me improve my art sales.  They look perfectly okay to me.

My husband is much more cautious than I am and he says I would download a gorilla and let it walk around the house!   I would not!  We already have enough monkeys around here.