Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Having a Rough Day

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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Not my favorite day.  We all have them and this is a very bad one for me for personal reasons.  I didn’t have time to paint when the light was good but that is not the reason I am so out of sorts.  I have to endure something that I don’t really have to endure but the alternative is not something I want to do, so some days are very difficult.  Oh well. We are all having a bad time with this virus so I think I will just get to work and quit griping. 

I am pleased to sell another print of Rosy Evening at Isle of Palms, my most popular photograph to a great Oregon patron and the first sale of Black Swallowtail to a great India patron!   Time to count my blessings and be happy. 

Check out my latest Youtube above. I decided to do some more Kendall Letters paintings.  I only have a few of them and the viewers seemed to really like this “A” so I think I will do a few more.  Hang in there everyone.  I think a vaccine is on the horizon.  Hope so!



Rosy Evening at Isle of Palms  Original  Photograph   NFS

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Swallowtail  Original 11″ x 13″ Colored Pencil Drawing   $286

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Nesting Original 10″ x 8″ mixed media painting $190.00

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Magenta Fall Original 12″ x 9″   oil painting  $261




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Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

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