Blue Ridge Parkway Artist, Ghost Story at Battery Park Hotel and I Don’t Need to Feed the Ants Today!

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist


peakslodgecopyrightLodge at The Peaks of Otter    Original 16″x12″ Oil Painting  $384

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fairlawnridgecopyrightFairlawn Ridge Original Oil Painting has been Sold

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dockpandapascopyrightDock at Pandapas  Original 30″x40″ Oil Painting      $2425

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Here is another great Blue Ridge Parkway Ghost Story!


The Battery Park Hotel is now apartment building.  Supposedly it is haunted by a woman that was murdered in room 224.  On July 17th, 1936 Helen Clevenger was found murdered.  She had been beaten, her faced slashed and shot.

An employee Martin Moore confessed to the crime and died in the gas chamber.  On stormy nights Helen is seen wandering the halls.


The roof was the scene for a number of suicides and people report seeing bodies falling from it.

I found this great story on The Local Asheville Ghost Stories website!


Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler


Yesterday I wrote how our kitchen is a 24/7 diner for ants this time of the years.  We have a glucose poison they are supposed to eat and take back to the nest.  This is not happening. They just sit around the poison in a circle and have fun rather than take it back to the nest and annihilate it.

We have two kinds of ants.  Some very small ones and larger, blacker ones.

Today I was so happy that the large ones were not sitting around the poison talking and laughing!  I guess one of them finally went back to the nest.  There is still plenty of poison on the slips of paper so I don’t have to serve them today.

The smaller ones are still here but they still have plenty of poison to sit around.

The waitress has a day off!


I hope you enjoyed paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway!