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I have finally got to the finesse stage of my latest floral and am so pleased to be done with most of the work.  I love what I do but it does require a lot of time and discipline.  I am going to work on another Blue Ridge overlook painting that I have a good idea for that resulted from the ones I recently demonstrated on Youtube.  I have a lot of photographs from the Parkway to work from but I think I am going to ad lib a lot on this one.  I may just base it on some ranges and then go from there. 

Anyway, I am so glad we voted yesterday.  I am seeing posts of lines that are a quarter of a mile long in Northern Virginia.  Wow!  We just went in to the registrar’s office and got it done in a few minutes.  I think it is great that people are voting early and making sure their vote counts. 

Also, very pleased to sell another print of one of my most popular paintings, Canoes at Mountain Lake to a great Texas patron.  This is the setting for the hit movie Dirty Dancing and we have vacationed there twice!  The natural lake practically emptied but it seems to be filling up again!  Hope to go there soon!


Canoes at Mountain Lake Sketch   Original  Oil Painting  SOLD

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Mountain Lake Reflections 30″ x 20″ Oil Pastel  painting $1230




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Autumn Pond   Original 40″ x 26″ Oil painting $2180


Life with the Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

What a strange year for someone that has spent countless hours researching birds and butterflies all over the Blue Ridge and surrounding mountains. 

This time of the year he is usually leading hawk watches up at Rocky Knob.  Now his hawk watching post is Back Yardica. 

He is the president, founder, recording secretary,  and only member of The Backyardica Bird Club. 

He sure has seen a lot of hawks lately!


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Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

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