Radford Virginia

Bio: I am an award-winning professional artist and former Asst. Prof. of Art at Radford University with artwork in 32 states, six countries, and the art collection of actress, Morgan Fairchild. My paintings have been seen throughout the United States in national, international, and group shows. I have won numerous awards, including awards from Dorothy Gillespie, May Stevens, Frank Webb, and Daniel Greene. My best-selling print, "Reaching Out", was selected from over three million works of art on Fine Art America to be on the set of The Mindy Project and I appeared with my artwork on The Hour of Joy on FoxTV out of Roanoke on March 10th 2013. I live to paint and it is important to me to find homes for all of my creations. I have originals and prints in thirty-two states, Canada, Germany, Russia, England, Switzerland and Australia. I want to cover the world with my art! http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/google-site-verification-using-meta-tag/ .

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    • Hi Mary! Lovely to meet you! Sorry to be slow to respond but I thought I had already responded to this comment. I think sometimes they don’t go through. Hope you like my art! I like yours!


  1. It is a joy to create. God planted in you skills, intuition, receptability (my word), which opens our eyes, mind and soul to receive His words of love He paints every day on the canvas of His creation. Tell it Kendall! Bless us all with your gifts!!!


  2. Hi Kendall- Just saw your art for the first time as I was randomly googling mine. Very well done! I thought they were pastels at first. As a colorist I really appreciate your colors. For fun take a look at my web site too. annekesslerpastels.com All the best to you. Anne


    • Thanks Anne! Most of them are oils but I do have some pastels. I am real proud of my American Artist Award from Daniel Greene for one of my pastel paintings. Looking forward to checking yours out!


  3. Hello, Kendall, and happy belated birthday! I am so looking forward to receiving my two new prints. I love your work–your depictions of our beloved SW VA are beautiful and have really touched me. I will be proud to hang your art in my home, and it means even more knowing that you are a local artist and a former professor at my alma mater! Thanks for providing visual joy and solace.


    • Thank you Jane! I am so pleased you like my work and I know you will enjoy the prints! How great that you graduated from Radford! I would still be teaching there part-time but my artwork took over my life and I work full-time now at selling it! I really do live to paint and spread my work around! Have a great evening and thanks for the Birthday Wishes!


  4. I looked at a lot of your paintings this afternoon, and I have to commend you on your use of blues. I really like your paintings that use lots of shades of that unusual blue. Thanks for the follow, and good luck with your business.
    Best wishes from England. Pete.


  5. M’lle Kendall
    hello, welcome to my woods, hope you find it refreshing.
    Just took a tour through your studio, very impressive works. I really like the inviting style of your colour use. Like peaceful hugs in nature.
    Howls for now
    will visit more


  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Very nice work here; and bonus – my daughter is about to graduate from Radford. We live on the Eastern Shore, but love the area out west of Richmond.


  7. Hello Kendall. It is not every day that one finds their blog visited by a celebrity like you. I am so honored. And I truly admire your blog. Beautiful themes, beautiful pics. My favorite one (for now) is “Into The Gorge”. May God bless you.


  8. Thank you for stopping by “What’s the Good Word?” and for the follow. In turn, I’m enjoying becoming acquainted with your art and your blog. God’s blessings ~ Laura


    • You are welcome and thanks for great compliment on my artwork! My husband, Clyde Kessler, is a well known naturalist in The New River Valley. He is a self-taught naturalist and is exceptionally knowledgeable about birds and butterflies. He also knows a lot about plants and flowers and serves as adviser for Wildwood Park in Radford, VA. Have a great day! I look forward to your posts, too!

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  9. A most impressive biography, but even more important than the outlining of the rewards, accolades and prizes, is indeed the beauty of the painting at the head of this page. It makes one want to find a way into the story that it has to tell, to feel more intimately the peace and tranquillity your style project, enough so to make it easy to linger and or want to come back repeatedly. I’ve no doubt that I will find myself feeling a like experience viewing the other works on this post. Thank you for letting me know you have chosen to follow my poetry, that in the process has allowed me to discover the beauty you create so magnificently JJ!


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