Really Dragging Today

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Rainy days don’t make me sad. I always thought it was nice to be able to see without sunglasses on a rainy day.

Just dragging along thinking about all I have to do and how I would rather be on a sunny beach with sunglasses.

I can’t imagine anyone else thinking that, especially when they are working on taxes.

LOL! Going to cheer up.


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8 thoughts on “Really Dragging Today

  1. The rain is usually a welcome sight out here in the west, but it’s been hard and heavy here. I still welcome it, but wish it wasn’t so relentless and was more drips and drabs so we didn’t get the damage that goes with it.
    My daughter’s street had a huge swath washed away yesterday taking down a power pole with it so they’re stuck with no way out along with several other families on that side of the damage and no power for who knows how long. It’s a mess.

    Can you believe we’re still waiting for two 1099’s! It’s quite frustrating. Hopefully they arrive before we need to file or we may have to do what we did last year because the same two were late then too and file an amended tax return. UGH!!

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    • Wow! So sorry to hear about the power pole. Hope you get your 1099’s soon! I am about to turn my taxes in to my preparer. It takes a long time for me to get it all organized and I don’t want to do the rest. I would rather pay someone to do that awful job and I worry about mistakes.

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      • I’m with you. Our new guy doesn’t even do an organizer! I am the keeper and collector of all the documents then when it’s time for taxes I just piled all the important forms up and the supporting documents below that and He-Man takes it all to our tax guy who does his magic with that pile. Sometimes while he waits!
        It’s worth it to me too to have someone who really knows the codes, rules, and ins and outs of filing them to do them for us.

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