Well, one of them was good

Birthday Party or A Child’s View Original 40″ x 25″ oil painting $10050.00


A while back I talked about how some boxes are easy to open and others require a ridiculous amount of effort and then is difficult to return since it is so hard to get it back into the package.

Well, I ordered a slide scanner that is going to work out well and the package is easy to open.

Unfortunately, the gizmo I needed for my new camera did not work out. We had our young friend over to see if he could get it going with the downloads and he could not do it.

Of course, that package was ridiculous and we bought that at a store that takes thirty minutes to get to. The clerk assured me it would work with our Mac. Yeah, right.

I think this should be another one of Murphy’s Laws. If you have to take an item back to the store it is almost 100% likely to be in a box that has to be torn apart so returning the item is a pain.

Beautiful day! Time to step away from the computer.


Prints on Zazzle. Here is Beach Houses at Pawleys Island on a Ceramic ornament


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