It must be a practice session

White Pine Sunset Original 24″ x 18″ Oil painting $1296

My husband is still recovering from surgery even though it has been three months since the procedure. He is improving but still has to get up three to five times at night so he takes a nap in the afternoons.

There is so much work going on right now in our neighborhood. One neighbor is resurfacing his driveway and another is cutting down trees.

Today the noise started very early. I told Clyde they must be practicing for a real loud session when you try for a nap. LOL!

Cheers on a beautiful Tuesday. Please check out my latest Demo Youtube.

Prints on Zazzle. Here is Richmond on the James on a Ceramic ornament[zazzle_mug_11_front]u0026amp;context=114529070928263395

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