Not a Nose Job

Rock Garden Original 42″ x 30″ Oil painting $2770

I can’t seem to get rid of the below link from last time. Probably my computer.;click_sum=e629397bu0026amp;ref=shop_home_active_1u0026amp;frs=1

Clyde and I like to watch Jeopardy. Some of the information in the questions is very interesting and I like to see the contestants maneuver the money to win. Sometimes a very knowledgeable player will lose due to poor betting on their answers.

Anyway, the other night the answer to a question was rhinoplasty and I got it before the player.

Clyde, always the one to play with words said, “Is that a republican in name only with a nose job?” Of course not but I do love his word play. Just a joke. No offense to republicans.

Cheers on a beautiful Wednesday!


Prints on Zazzle. Here is Distant View of Peaks of Otter on an apron

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