It does not get easier with Age

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I hate being painfully shy but I just have to deal with it as best I can. We were invited to a neighborhood party with live music.

Due to Covid and other difficulties we have not met anyone here. I kind of feel like they should come to us not the other way around. I am way too shy to make the first move.

Anyway, Clyde did not feel well enough to go and my son wanted to wait for his girlfriend to call so I went by myself. I am so glad there were two people there that I knew and the host and hostess were such nice people.

Still, my stomach grinded and grinded so I just drank the drink I brought and after I had been there for a reasonable amount of time I left.

My mother was painfully shy and she always said it gets better with age. Not for me. I think it has gotten worse but I keep trying to interact with others.


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