Not Over it Yet

Mabry Mill in Fall Original 20″ x 16″ Oil Painting $700.00

I have been playing the piano at church for a number of years now, at least five, and I thought I had gotten over my stage fright.

I went from my legs shaking to a sick stomach to just a little nervous. I was so happy when that happened a few months ago that I mentioned it to members during coffee hour.

Now I am back to sick to my stomach. Oh well. There are several others that play the piano but they won’t do it. I took over when the former musician left.

Maybe I will get back to a little nervous. Legs crossed! LOL!


Prints on Zazzle. Here is Pawleys Island Beach Houses on a t-shirt;context=114529070928263395

5 thoughts on “Not Over it Yet

  1. My wife has a little bit of fame as a musician. We haven’t been on the road for almost three years. She’s got stage fright… while she’s been rehearsing at home. She’ll get over it. So will you. Find a routine. Do it. Settle into it. You’ll be fine.

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