They are on Top of my Head

Morning Stroll at Isle of Palms Original 40″ x 320″ Oil Painting $2480.00

I am so busy all the time but I am determined to get some things done that I have been putting off. I need to re-arrange my painting set up in my studio and fix the drain in one of the bathrooms.

That Time Fairy just will not show up and add hours to the day but I finished my latest wildflower painting yesterday so I should be able to get a few things done or at least started.

I do know my glasses are on top of my head. Saw a great joke on Facebook yesterday about aging women not being able to find the seven pairs of glasses in the house or the ones on their head.

That about sums it up so I am being especially mindful of the ones on top.

Cheers on a Saturday!


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