Kendall Kessler was so happy to paint on Saturday

Silver Lining at Pawleys Island Original 30″ x 22″ Acrylic Painting $1350.00

In spite of a zillion things we are doing to fix up our house to sell, I was able to paint Saturday morning on my latest floral! I have now completed the second stage. I don’t know when I can get to the last stage but I am hopefull I will have some time this week.

The kitchen floor is done and the front rail has been painted. Doors have been repaired but there is still work to be done.

I have been thinking about all the fun we had at Dominion Skating Rink that closed down years ago. I was so glad when another one opened up in Christiansburg but then it closed, too.

I think I will put on pads and skate in my new garage when we get there in a few days. Glad I have some paintings of those great times.

Pawleys Island Pink on the Beach Original 40″ x 30″ Oil Painting $2480

Wall Art Prints and prints on just about anything available at the below link

Rabbit in the Pool Original 40″ x 30″ oil painting $2480

Marsh View at Pawleys Island

More print selections on Zazzle! Here is my most popular shore painting on a keychain

Check out my latest youtube! I said I was going to do something light this time and I did.

Between my Art work and our moving work I think I would like to be doing what this guy is doing.

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