Kendall Kessler is Working at Moving but not Painting

Silver Lining at Pawleys Island Original 30″ x 22″ Acrylic Painting $1350.00

Our move is coming along. We are getting so much done on our house and had a big surprise yesterday. The nice young couple that lives next door with two toddlers want a bigger house and ours is much bigger than theirs. They came over and want to buy it.

How nice to already have a buyer! They are getting first dibs when we put it up for sale. They have been trying to find one but houses are moving so fast that they can’t get in there fast enough.

We are getting a lot of repairs done. The landscaping is about done. I think they took out too much but I guess I just like a lot of big bushes and flowers. Oh well, it certainly looks tidy now. I keep looking at my new coneflower painting and wish I could get back to it. Maybe next week.

Pawleys Island Pink on the Beach Original 40″ x 30″ Oil Painting $2480

Wall Art Prints and prints on just about anything available at the below link

Pawleys Island Atmosphere Original 40″ x 30″ oil painting $2480

Marsh View at Pawleys Island

More print selections on Zazzle! Here is my most popular shore painting on a keychain

Check out my latest nightmarish youtube. I think I will do something light next time.

Our trash cans are filling up with trash that has accumulated for quite some time but clothes will go to the Clothing Bank and Good Will. Moving is certainly a lot of work.

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