Kendall Kessler is Back to Work

Well I am not hobbling along today. My back is just about well, and, of course, I am working away. My latest commission is done. I signed it today and am working on getting the right frame for it. It certainly has been a traumatic week so I am not surprised a muscle in my back went ballistic. That almost always happens when I am tense.

I tried to join my Yoga class but as soon as we went to the mat and laid down I knew I was in trouble. Hopefully I can make the next class. Got to keep those muscles stretched out. Anyway, I am looking forward to working on some old paintings that I finally got back from my parent’s property.

My Dad whom I loved dearly was not at all pleased with my desire to study Art and when I graduated with a B.A. he took some of my paintings. I think he thought that was something he got out of my degree that he paid for. Well, it has always bothered me that I didn’t take those paintings with me. So much time has passed and I have always wanted to work on them.

They have a lot of faults that were due to my painting inexperience and lack of time to complete them to my satisfaction. Yes, artists really do go back to old works if they still have them. One is a painting of a model and the other is an abstract. I am sharing three paintings that are somewhat similar and walking away from the computer. Also check out my short Thursday video. Have a great weekend!

Samantha Original Oil Painting SOLD Wall Art Prints and Prints on just about Anything Available at this address

Color Fingers Original 10″ x 8″ Oil Painting

Argh! I can’t seem to get one of these files off so I will just leave Color Fingers up twice.

Blue Streak Original 9″ x 12 acrylic painting $271

Wall Art Prints and prints on just about anything available at the link below

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