Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Learning the new WordPress Format

Not doing very well, but I will figure this out. I want to change the size of the letters. Let’s see if I can do that without pulling my hair out. I did it. Yea! Glad I am starting to figure this out. It certainly is very different from the classic format and I can’t say I like it but maybe I will after a few trys.

I am pleased with my latest painting and am considering a floral next. I think some of my most successful paintings are florals but there is something I am after in them that is just always beyond my reach. As always, there is something to learn and I think I am close. I know I will never get there but that is what keeps me going. Getting closer and closer is great and always yields some fine paintings along the way.

Life of an artist can be crazy but it is the life for me! I am posting twice a week on Youtube and and just a few short of 1k. Such a lot of great comments and I hope people are clicking on links to my work. I have been doing some very unusual paintings there using paper towels and napkins. I think they are great abstracts! On Mondays I am uploading demos and on Thursdays I am uploading one painting and talking about the inspiration for it.Below are the two youtubes and my latest Blue Ridge painting.

10 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Learning the new WordPress Format

  1. You look like you’re doing far better than I. Last weekend I lost the Dashboard – hence – I lost the draft that had taken me 3 hours to put together.
    WHY WordPress – WHY?!!

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  2. From what I’m reading on my blog circuit, most people hate the thing. I use free open source blog writing program ‘Open Live Writer’ which downloads your blog look to your PC and you can make a draft (text and images, change fonts and font size, add copyright tag to photos) off-line. You can then publish directly from off-line, or post as a draft and once in WP, edit under the ‘classic’ tab that is on the top left of the WP editing page. So far this has worked for me. I usually post a draft and then check the ‘look’ under preview on the new ‘classic’ tab in the editor. Best. T.

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  3. Okay, I hate to rub it in, but while I don’t like the block editor, I’m not having issues. I just type in “/” –the symbol / and it brings up a drop down menu and then I click on “Classic” and away I go… *crosses fingers that WordPress doesn’t take that away as well*

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