Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Back to Claytor Lake and Jump back!

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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I am having one of those experiences that many artists talk about regarding the painting process.  I was having a very hard time with my latest Claytor Lake painting and then a somewhat different approach took off!  I will never forget what my first teacher told me long ago. When it is difficult, that usually means you are about to learn something and hit a different level. 

That is what happened, but it probably won’t be that noticeable to viewers, but you never know.  I know I am happy with more complication in the surface due to a different brush stroke approach. I look forward to finishing this one and using this technique on another one! 

I really do live to paint but  I may have to cut down on some social media. It is so time consuming.  I am going to have to go over the demands on my time and reassess how I can get everything done and still have a life. 

I’m sure there are many people that have to do that in this computer era!.

Pink over Pittsburgh Original 8″ x 10″ Oil pastel painting $240

Wall Art Prints and Prints on household items including face masks

Charlotte Spiral  Original 12″ x 9″ Acrylic painting $246

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 Life with Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

Saw a joke on Facebook that cracked me up so I had to share it with Clyde. 

If a woman asks you if she is fat, it is not enough to say no.  You should look surprised and taking a big jump back would help. 

Of course, Clyde had something to add.  You should start with the leap back in case she is not convinced of your sincerity. She may attack!

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DC Jumble Original 12″ x 9″ acrylic painting $271

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Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

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Thank you for looking at paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway!

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