Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is in a Downpour…

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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Well, when it rains it pours.  I wanted to paint today but we have a family emergency so we have to spend the day traveling.  While I was  fixing lunch, my favorite mug fell of the counter and slammed into my big toe causing a bleeding gash.  Nothing happened to the mug!

Last Friday I injured my back so I didn’t film a Demo Youtube.  Instead I showed some recent works and got great compliments. Check it out above! I get uptight when I can’t paint so I had better look out in case there is a third downpour. 

Well, all of the above was written yesterday.  What a day!  I did paint today and did my, Dodge Grocery Shoppers thing a while ago.  I wore a mask and shield since there are always people in there without masks.  It is hard to shop with a shield on since it fogs up.  I had to keep sanitizing my hands and using a tissue to wipe it off from the inside. 

I wish everyone was more concerned about the rise in coronavirus cases here in Southwest Virginia.  There are more hospital cases and deaths.  We check the stats every day. 

Anyway, take care!

Natural Rhythm   Original 40″ x 30″ Oil  painting $2430

Wall Art Prints and Prints on household items including face masks

Wildflower Meadow   Original 24″ x 18″ oil  painting $864

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Be sure to check out originals on Etsy! This link will take you to a  popular wildflower painting!×12?ref=shop_home_active_17&frs=1

Jumbled Up Wildflowers Original 12″ x 9″ Oil painting $271

Please check out Clyde’s book.

The book can be purchased on Amazon!  Here is the link.  

Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

Prints on Paper, Canvas, Metal, and Greeting Cards Available at

If you like my work but don’t have any more room on your walls be sure to check out my paintings on just about anything on my website or Zazzle

Here is the very popular Richmond on the James on a heart shaped Christmas ornament!

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If the address  does not work, put Kendall Kessler in the search!

Thank you for looking at paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway!

2 thoughts on “Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is in a Downpour…

    • Thanks Janet! We are staying at home. I get groceries once a week with a mask and a shield on. I am sorry to hear of the rise in the UK. I wish everyone would take this seriously. Take care!


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