Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Pleased to Sell another print of Richmond on the James and Good for the Turkey Farmers…

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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I am real excited about my new painting which is a very small acrylic sunset in a marsh that I tried to paint in a youtube last week.  It was too much to even get one layer on a video and I like to keep them to twenty minutes so I got angry with it while filming and decided to abort and do a demo painting that wouldn’t take up so much time. 

I said some things I shouldn’t say, especially on a video so I destroyed that one.  The next day I looked at the aborted painting and thought it looked much better than I thought it did so I decided to work on it and it is just about done.

Since for a lot of my youtube videos I used cheap paint and paper it won’t be for sale but archival small and large prints will be available.  I think it will be a very popular painting.

So glad to sell another print of the very popular Richmond on the James to a great Nevada patron!  This one is another Christmas ornament print.  It is great to think of my artwork on Christmas trees!  Below is the painting with all kinds of print possibilities on my website and at the bottom of the post is the painting on a Christmas ornament on Zazzle!

Richmond on the James  Original acrylic   painting SOLD

Wall Art Prints and Prints on household items including face masks

Memphis Spin   Original 12″ x 9″ acrylic  painting $246

Be sure to check out my Independent website!  The link under Memphis Spin  will take you there!


I would greatly appreciate a Google review if you like my work!  Here is the link.

Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

Many years ago there was a commercial on TV making fun of Thanksgiving leftovers which I still remember. 

It was done to the 12 Days of Christmas song. 

The joke was going through all the dishes that could be used with leftover turkey and where five golden rings is, it had  Flaming Turkey Wings! We like to repeat that joke on Thanksgiving. 

This time when Clyde was eating more leftover turkey I mentioned I read that turkey is high in iron. 

According to who? The turkey farmers? 

Not sure, but it sounds good. 

Good for the farmers. That’s for sure.

Time to eat more turkey.

Be sure to check out originals on Etsy! This link will take you to FIVE  popular Memphis Skyline Beauty paintings!

Memphis Green Original 12″ x 9″ Acrylic painting $269

Please check out Clyde’s book.

The book can be purchased on Amazon!  Here is the link.  

Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

Prints on Paper, Canvas, Metal, and Greeting Cards Available at

If you like my work but don’t have any more room on your walls be sure to check out my paintings on just about anything on my website or Zazzle

Here is the very popular Richmond on the James on a heart shaped Christmas ornament!

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If the address  does not work, put Kendall Kessler in the search!

Thank you for looking at paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway!

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