Blue Ridge Parkway Artist is Shooing Bees and Don’t buy a large Freezer…

Blue Ridge Parkway Artist

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Such a beautiful day!  Lots of people outside having some fun.  We took a great walk and plugged carpenter bee holes in our roof.  The bees flew around and I don’t think I would like to hear what they had to say if they could talk. 

They look just like bumblebees but they don’t sting, just cuss out people that mess up their homes.  They prefer to make these hole homes in dead wood, so, of course, they like our roof over the trees.  I guess they are just going to have to get used to homes with a little sap here and there. 

So much to do on the internet.  I had better get busy.  Cheers! 

Don’t forget to view the Safe Grocery Shopping video if you haven’t already seen it. I have included a face mask link to Stroubles Creek!

Stroubles Creek  Original 40″ x 25″ Oil painting    $2030

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Near the Dedmon Center   Original  14″ x 11″ Oil  painting    $313

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Life with The Word and Bird Man – Clyde Kessler

My mother passed away over a year ago and I miss her very much.  She and I had a lot in common.  There were certain things she did that I didn’t think I would do but I think I am turning into my Mom.  I have heard that happens a lot.

She froze everything and I have started doing that.  I make desserts that Clyde can’t eat and I don’t want them to spoil before I finish them so I freeze half. 

My Dad thought Mom over did the freezer thing.  He would often say if he was ever missing, look in the freezer.   Ha ha. 

I told Clyde I thought I was turning into Mom. 

Don’t buy a big freezer. 

That’s probably a good idea.  LOL!







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 Cloud Swirl over The Peaks of Otter Original 24″ x 18″ oil painting  $894.00

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Fiddling at Midnight’s Farmhouse   Original   Acrylic  painting  NFS

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Thank you for looking at paintings by an artist of The Blue Ridge Parkway!

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