I would greatly appreciate some help here but if you would like to help please read what I have written carefully.  I keep getting told by others to do what I have already done.

I am trying to migrate my blog to a blog and am having trouble doing it.  I would rather not pay WordPress $129 to do it for me.

The instructions are clear but I am hung up on one step.   I now have Blue Hosting.  I have exported my blog to my desktop. 

The next step it to import the blog into my new blog. 


When I try to import the blog I am told does not exist.  Does anyone here know what I need to do?

All help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. I’m hosted by GoDaddy. Their work around for this was fairly simple since WordPress is known to be technologically difficult. Instead of trying to import everything, they just linked to

    No matter what the viewer typed in, .org, it took them to the same place. The I closed the
    orginal .com site.

    The difference may be that my .com was my commercial portfolio site. .org is/was Storyteller, which pretty much contains the same pictures in a different form.

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  2. Hi Kendall,

    What you are doing is probably different from this, but just in case it helps, I recently transferred from a weebly site to a self-designed site, but kept my domain name (this is separate to my wordpress blog). I decided to go for hosting and transfer my domain to namecheap- because I could have my own domain plus hosting per year for cheaper than just the domain on weebly.

    It took 5 days, after making my domain not protected and transferrable and submitting a request, to be able to transfer and keep my domain, and namecheap charged 9 dollars something for the transfer. It was a pretty involved process, but I was happy to keep my domain and cut costs. I know you can also point your domain to a different site- not sure if that would work for you- keep your blog where you want and just build in a redirect.

    I’m not sure any of that is helpful as wordpress is likely different, but the cost sounds a lot!

    Hope you get it sorted,


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  3. Do you have the domain name registered? You cannot keep the domain the same to switch from to You have to have the domain, then you can forward the domain to the, but the domain has to be registered.

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      • You can’t expect WP do do much of anything for you. When I transferred domain to my new blog at from WP that’s was a major pain. If you don’t move to a different hosting service, the easiest way around moving a domain is registering the new domain with another registrar, and then forwarding it to your current WP site. Then you have both covered. You normally want to maintain old domains otherwise porn sites grab them when they become available.

        When I originally registered, was a legitimate photo site. A few years later, people started telling me they went to my blog and got porn. They didn’t put the “etc” on photooftheday. Whoever had had let the domain lapse and a porn aggregator picked it up. At that point I forwarded to, and then started changing over to via While is still a good domain that gets you to my website, I have pretty much done away with it by simply forwarding and to my photo site and blog and not using

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  4. Sorry I can’t be of assistance. Not good at these things. I wish I could change to something else and easier to handle. I just renew for another year and hope to find a way to do that. Good luck, Kendall.

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